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Page 1 of Free PDF Manual Download for Hyundai Tucson. All information in this Owner’s Manual is current at the time of publication. However, Hyundai. Hyundai Tucson Owners Manual [Hyundai] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Detailed warranty information is provided in your Hyundai Owner’s All information in this Owner’s Manual is current at the time of publication. .. turning the key in the driver’s door lock toward the front or rear of the vehicle. HJM

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The rear window opens separately from the tailgate. I have a problem with my carthe car is stopped sometimes while drivingI checked the oil tank and found low levelafter I topped off the tank to full the problem diapered. If your engine stalls, pings, knocks, or is hard to start, have your Hyundai dealer inspect and repair the problem as soon as possible. Because future owners will also need the information included in this manual, if you sell this Hyundai, please leave the manual in the vehicle for their use.

Have you driven a Hyundai Tucson? Page 38 Your ve- hicle is provided with three child restraint hook holders for installing the child seat or infant seat. Tire Terminology And Definitions o Four numbers represent the week and year the tire was built. Page If the Enter Key is not pressed within 5 seconds, then the previous mode will be restored.

The level of charge in your battery can be checked by your Hyundai dealer or a ser- vice station. If this ever happens, have a Hyundai dealer determine the cause, repair the system and replace the fusible link. This key number plate should not be left with the keys but kept in a safe place, not in the vehicle. Push the bulb spring to remove the headlight bulb. Remove the cover with a phillips screw- driver.

Hyundai Tucson – Overview – CarGurus

Snow tires should be installed on all four wheels; If the indicator remains lit even after the engine has been started, have your car checked by an authorized Hyundai dealer.


Owners, however, feel the quality of the audio needs improvement. Trailer Or Vehicle Towing Since laws vary from State to State the requirements for towing trailers, cars, or other types of vehicles or apparatus may differ.

Page A crash resulting from poor han- dling vehicle damage, tire failure, or increased stopping distances could result in serious injury or death. Page 50 SRS is not working properly. To decrease it, push the lever toward the rear.

This is the same manual used by dealer- ship technicians and while it is highly tech- nical it can be useful in obtaining a better understanding of your car and how it works. One driver finds the manual gearbox jerky and unpredictable.

The four-wheel disc and ABS brakes come with electronic brakeforce distribution. To indicate a lane change, move the lever up or down to a point where it begins flashing.

2009 Hyundai Tucson – Owner’s Manual (273 pages)

The outside rearview mirror heater automati- cally turns itself off after 15 minutes. To prevent unexpected deployment of the side impact air bag that may result in personal injury, avoid impact to the side airbag sensor when the ignition key is on.

When inspecting or servicing the Door A code number is stamped on the number plate that came with the keys to your Hyundai. Try to spread the weight evenly. This manual also for: Running the air conditioning system for Also, professionals are generally aware of local laws governing towing.

If your ve- hicle will not start, contact a Hyundai dealer or seek other qualified assistance. Your Hyundai dealer will help answer any questions you may have as you read this information.

Dual front-side airbags feature passenger airbag cutoff, and side curtain bags cover both rows. Page Defrost air position. Compare Hyundai Tucson to Related Models.

Replace to the new bulb. The brakes should be checked and inspected for wear at those intervals specified in the vehicle maintenance schedule in Section 5.


Hyundai Tucson – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

To retrieve this information, byundai equipment is needed and access to the vehicle or the device that stores the data is required. If this occurs, have your vehicle immediately in- spected by your Hyundai dealer. Page 26 This helps to prevent the driver’s and front passenger’s head from moving backward and thus helps prevent neck injuries. SRS is not working properly. Where both mileage and time are shown, the frequency of service is determined by whichever occurs first.

If the air coming out of the in-dash vents is not cold, have the air conditioning system inspected by your Hyundai dealer. Page 58 All infants and children should be properly restrained in appropriate child safety seats or seat belts in the rear seat. The lever will automatically return to the center position when released.

When not in use, always be sure it is locked in position properly. If the air flow control is off, the air intake control is set to the fresh mode auto- matically. After the en- gine has started, allow the engine to run for 10 to 20 seconds prior to placing the vehicle in gear.

All are offered with front-wheel drive, and the V6 SE and Limited are also available with automatic all-wheel drive. Seat belt condition and operation o Sunvisor operation If you notice anything that does not operate correctly or appears to be functioning cor- rectly, inspect it carefully and seek assis- tance from your Hyundai dealer if service is needed.

Replace with a new bulb. Good Braking Practices If the braking action does not return to normal, stop as soon as it is safe to do so and call your Hyundai dealer for assistance.