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Find replacement and service parts catalogs online for the Polaris RZR, Sportsman, ACE, GENERAL and RANGER by model and year. View and Download Polaris RANGER RZR S service manual online. RANGER RZR S Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Also for: ranger. View and Download Polaris RZR owner’s manual online. RZR Offroad Offroad Vehicle Polaris Ranger RZR Owner’s Manual. ( pages).

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Disconnect the fuel injector harnesses. Use wire to hang caliper to prevent damage to the brake line.

ID Individual Serial No. Apply the brakes and shift into low gear. Inspect all bearings, circlips, thrust washers and shafts for wear. Secure the cab nets. Oil Check The oil dipstick and fill tube is located on the engine, behind the passenger seat behind the right rear passenger seat on RZR 4 models.

Pass a small heating torch over the shock body to remove any air bubbles from the oil. Page Turn the key switch off and depress the valve button fuel pump assembly. High water pressure may damage components. Perform the pre-ride inspection. Never remove the hook strap from the hook. If crossing a hill is unavoidable, follow these precautions: Apply the throttle lightly. Page 83 Adjust as needed D Toe adjustment Inspect periodically; adjust when parts are replaced Headlight aim Adjust as needed Perform these procedures more often for vehicles subjected to severe use.


Placing both thumbs as shown, spread the ring open and push up on the opposite side. The bearings are a slip-fit and will slide off the axel spool. Reinstall the dipstick and lock the lever. Battery CAUTION tenders can be left connected during the storage period, and will automatically charge the battery if the voltage drops below a pre-determined point.

Note the position of the gears in the photo.

Owner’s Manuals

Radiator hose clamp torque is 36 in-lbs 4 Nm. Always follow these precautions when hauling cargo: Swing the shock down out of the way. When removing caliper, be careful not to damage brake line.

Remove the front bumper mahual Chapter 5. Transmission And Gearcases 4. Inspect the pinion gear for chipped, worn, or broken teeth.

Page 26 Check throttle pedal freeplay periodically in accordance with the Rrzr Maintenance Chart. To identify which series the key is, take the first two digits on the original key and refer to the chart to the right for the proper part number.

Battery charge can be maintained by using a Load Test Polaris battery tender charger or by charging once a month to make up for normal self-discharge. Do not replace the ECU without factory authorization. Drive Clutch Service, Shift Weights 6.

Polaris 2013 RANGER RZR S Service Manual

Do not store or use a mwnual bottle of brake fluid. Install steering wheel cap and field test steering get in the bearing. Do not allow brake fluid to come in contact with finished surfaces. Use the MODE button to toggle to the odometer display.


CV joint from the drive shaft.

When the last segment clears, a low fuel warning is activated. Clean end of taper lwners crankshaft and the taper bore inside drive clutch. Fuel Sender If none of the conditions exist, the fuel sender assembly is malfunctions the radiator fan will default to ‘ON’. Install the compression valve shim stack onto the shock shaft. It is recommended to replace 1. Brown Relay coil ground. Serious burns can result from contact with skin, eyes or clothing.


When reinstalling the battery, always connect the negative black cable last. Using the spark plug wrench provided in the tool kit, remove the plug by rotating it counter-clockwise.

Improper tire inflation or the use of non-standard size or type of tires may adversely affect vehicle handling, which could result in iwners damage or personal injury. Page 45 Battery Charging Maintenance Free the electrodes. Use wheel chocks if needed. Remove the upper differential gear.