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Browse through Abdellatif Laâbi’s poems and quotes. 12 poems of Abdellatif Laâbi. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Stopping By. Abdellatif Laâbi // Author, Poet // Abdellatif Laâbi is a Moroccan poet, born in in Fès, Morocco. Laâbi founded with other poets the artistic journal Souffles in. Abdellatif Laâbi is a poet, novelist, playwright, translator and political activist. He was born in Fez, Morocco in In the s, Laâbi was the founding editor.

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I participated in several marches of the February 20th Movement. You see how we absurdly mix French and Arabic. Public education is for the people and private education is reserved for those who have the means to pay and then laabj send their kids abroad for college. But of course that cannot replace the view from the inside. My mother worked for us her entire life.

badellatif It was Mostafa Nissaboury more than anyone else who accompanied the review the longest—almost to its very end. At the time of the founding of Islam for instance, poets were very poorly seen by those considered as adversaries of the Prophet.

That marginality of poetry allows me more freedom. I compiled an anthology of Moroccan poetry about ten years ago that comprised texts by 50 Moroccan poets. What is your opinion of Moroccan rappers?


Today there is a globalization of literature. Instead of telling ourselves, okay, we have to prepare these languages, first the three national languages I already mentioned Darija, Classical Arabic and Amazigh. In my writing, I lay claim to laabl several elements of Moroccan identity: And culture dominates in that question. Did he emigrate to France? The Lars Iyer Interview What happens when no-one mans the border—when the sanctity of literature becomes a matter We have arrived at a moment where literature is reduced to the novel, because the novel is the only literary product where there is a commercial concern.

And, if so, what does it consist of? There would be a couple dozen authors. And they also published in the automobile magazine of Casablanca.

Despite his self-imposed exile, he has continued to be politically engaged in Moroccan public life, spending significant time there each year. But there are different registers and different ways of writing poetry. This page was last edited on 12 Septemberat Poets like Mostafa Nissaboury.

The February 20th Movement played a very positive role in the beginning, and then it weakened.

The Abdellatif Laâbi Interview

Rue Du Retour llaabi liked it 4. He was released inand five years later he moved to France where he has resided ever since. So, there is this homage, of course, to that woman who had 11 children—three of whom died—so eight children: Want to Read saving…. Already in Algeria there was a Frenchified elite because the colonization there dated fromwhereas in Morocco it was much more recent.


Abdellatif Laabi

Does their mother tongue disappear the moment they write? But the problem of the February 20th Movement itself is that it became content being a movement of protests and not a movement of propositions. There are many Moroccan writers who deserve translation.

The Earth Opens And Welcomes You The earth opens and welcomes you Why these cries, these tears these prayers What have they lost What are they looking for those who disturb Your new-found peace?

Abdellatif Laâbi (Author of The Bottom of the Jar)

Even if I sometimes become disheartened, I cannot lower my arms because my word carries a certain weight in Morocco. Morocco is a very young country abdeellatif it comes to literature.

Literary theory Critics Literary Prizes. For me though, my mother tongue is the same language used in media and in education.

What is important is not the language in which they write but what they do with that language, how they work with the French language. My father was a simple craftsman who worked his entire life.