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I was looking for an equivilent to AC transistors. Dec 20, 10, 1, However, you can create your own Germanium components by modifying the Spice Model for your fuzz simulation. Maybe, if you live near a mainframe junkyard. With a DMM using a different current?

Hey there folks, Just wondering how you all go about buying germanium transistors in bulk. I’ve found some ac on ebay too so will give this a go. Your name or email address: The present state of the electronics art permits many dagasheet the transistor parameters.


Please read this first! Right now the semiconductors today are almost silicon based. Info about building and modding: Aug 9, 9. I lucked into this quite some time ago: Most Active Software Boards: Hfe measured in qc128 17 to 40 range. Nov 30, 18, 9, Mar 21, You test for both gain and leakage.

Buying Germanium transistors in bulk? : diypedals

It’s unlikely, but not impossible. That is vastly different and when I figured out how to modify the circuit for what I needed the measured gain was right in spec after all. All Newmarket Transistor circuits use chip transistors, diodestransistor packages. The are really only two options to source them; 1 Contact a semiconductor manufacturer to produce datsaheet specific run of parts.

Mar 3, 1.

It will sound somewhat different depending on the transistors you end up with. Changing to a silicon transistor will change the sound, but it WILL fuzz.

I don’t have a signal generator at home so I can’t reproduce the frequency, but when I modified the rest of the parameters my MP39B transistors read higher than when I had tested them on the geofex circuit. Aug 9, 4. Good luck to your fuzz tones design. Here is a link might be helpful to create your own model in Multisim https: No, create an account now.


Do connect the replacement transistor or diode the right way round firs t time. At the current specified in the datasheets? Message 5 of Micro Drone What’s inside of a hand-sized micro drone? That seller names rings a bell though, but i can’t be sure.

(PDF) AC128 Datasheet download

In these links you can find the datasheets from their manufacturers: Picking transistors for Datassheet Clones. Included in this section are typesE.

High gain low leakage low noise germanium transistors are practically unicorns now. Message 4 of Mar 21, 38 2. Not sure what’s up with that.