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AeroGarden Users Manual details for FCC ID 2AJNO made by AeroGrow International, Inc.. Document Includes User Manual Users Manual. PRO – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 16 . *Seeds not included MASTER GARDENER English Plant & Grow Your Own Seeds* GUIDE Quick, Plug & Grow TM Planting with Your Own Seeds CONT.

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Also verify that your seeds, whether in the seed packet or in a Grow Pod, were stored properly. Use it as a starting point for selecting a aerogsrden regime. Enter text from picture: Never leave iron turned on or unattended, especially when children are present.

Try to grow plants that will be about the same height as they mature. There may be more than one stem in the Grow Pod that needs pruning.

AeroGarden PRO User Manual – Page 1 of 16 |

For larger seeds and fruiting plants, sow only a few extra seeds. This manual also for: Subterranean plants, such as carrots, beets, potatoes or peanuts should not be planted in an AeroGarden. Try rearranging plants by rotating the Grow Pod so the spreading part of plant is near the outer edge of the AeroGarden. Look for signs of improvement on new plant growth.

If a plant is curled inside Dome, it was left on too long. Remove aerogadden seeds or dead cutting. The following steps describe how to start plants from both herbaceous non-woody plants such as tomatoes, peppers, chrysanthemum and dahlias and softwood cuttings soft, new growth from plants such as lilacs, roses, and rhododendron.


When choosing seeds, look for dwarf or miniature varieties.

Page 9 16 hours and will shut off for about 8 hours. Pinch off entire flower blossom with fingers or cut with scissors. Here are some general guidelines on pruning various plant types. Follow steps on pages for placing seeds or cuttings in Grow Sponge. Follow branch to where it meets another branch — make cut just before this junction.

Eggplant Shake plant vigorously every other day when the light s are on. What if one of the plants in my AeroGarden dies? Dead blossoms on the Grow Surface are a good indicator that your chosen pollination method is not working. Make sure Grow Bulb s are firmly inserted in Lamp Hood. Contact a garden center, hydroponic shop, or university for answers to more in-depth questions. If this occurs, support plants and bring them to the upright position by securing each plant to Lamp Arm with a tie.

Mist cuttings with water once or twice daily to maintain humidity levels.

Building a Grow Pod 10 P lace Stem Cuttings Using stem cuttings is a common method for propagating many plant varieties, but it does require a bit of care on your part. Planting an AeroGarden with your own seeds or cuttings is a bit of an experiment.

These stems are generally wider than younger ones and leaves may have some yellow around the edges. Grow Bulbs will come on. This Guide will assist you in deciding aerovarden to plant, how to plant and how to care for your plants once they are growing. If your seeds do not germinate, the first thing to check is the expiration date aerogsrden the seed packet. If you do this, remember to reset Nutrient Timer. Deadhead your flowers as they start to fade to avoid accidentally pinching off unopened blossoms.


See page 8 for more details on how many seeds to plant in each Grow Pod. As plants grow, you may see some dead or brown leaves around base of plants. If a plant dies, remove entire Grow Pod from AeroGarden.

Use only lamp model N. Move male pollen to Pumpkin, squash, female flower watermelon and common cucumbers Use paintbrush to move earogarden from male flower to female flower. Plant a garden with plants N utrients that have similar growth rates and heights, like Salad Greens shown. Very hot or very cold water will hurt your plants. Using plants that grow at the same rate lets you adjust the Lamp Hood so plants all receive the optimal amount of light.

Life Span Try to choose plants that have similar life spans for your Garden. Harvest wi-fi electrical rating: However, with broad-stemmed varieties, such as fruiting plants, it is best to thin plants as described below.

AeroGarden PRO100 User Manual

Viability of seeds decreases significantly with age. Photo shows a properly attached Trellis Coil. Try gently rubbing outer coat of these seeds with sandpaper or a file before placing in a Grow Sponge.

Appendix aeroyarden AeroGrow International, Inc. Page of 16 Go. Enter text from picture: These limits are de- signed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.