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James Casbolt Mi6 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read A large part of the project focuses on creating espionage agents and. James Casbolt is also known as “Michael Prince” The PDF of the book is available below. I have included the 1st pharagraph “My name is. Even the name James Casbolt means “valiant, decorated warrior of death .. Because of this, I have parts of my mind that are “buried alive” in my subconscious.

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The use of children in the project is also unacceptable in my view.

Agent Buried Alive – A Survivor of NSA Genetic Enhancement and Occult Warfare Projects Speak Out

Molecule Man isn’t the bad guy when it comes to the huge events. The next chain of events is as follows: Ultimately, mankind is being held hostage by this system. Dale Crole, 18, hanged himself in a derelict warehouse on January, 5th This was one of the most important events in human history because it thrust us into a role we were not prepared for as regards becoming host to a malevolent, extraterrestrial race.

Then we were carried roughly and some of us dragged out of this door and into the outside hallway. They are individuals of such passion and fire casblot their souls are often too powerful for their bodies. The answer is because of the Tablets of Destiny. It was connected to all the major hospitals in the U.

Dissection of the truth. [James Casbolt MI6.Agent Buried Alive]

Each unit comprised of four males and one female. Billy edited and published the German version of the Talmud Jmmanuel in There are now over of these bases worldwide and the average depth of these bases is four and a quarter miles. Just simply live outside the matrix.

Benjamin was threatened by ninjas working for the Western Illuminati when working in Japan and came under the wing of the White Lotus society because of this. Ina group of Pleiadians Tall Humanoid beings with blond hair and blue eyes approached the US government, under the Roosevelt administration, in an effort to work out an eventual military disarmament arrangement [Al Bielek referred to this group as the “Kondrakins” [my spelling[ The Greys have also demonstrated similar respect for the Draco Prime in contact reports.


Type A is a genetically enhanced human designed for combat with espionage capabilities. Janus is the two-headed Roman god of change.

At least five Mannequin programs and a whole bunch of related sub-projects have been uncovered in me. Members of the press were contacted and asked not to report the sightings to the public. They may have been covertly subverting the human surface population over a long period of time in preparation for the return of the fearsome Draco Prime overlords from Alpha Draconis.

The CIA was created two years after this in the American National Security act of to handle the massive number of mind control, cloningand other covert projects that were born from Paperclip.

They are so rabid they don’t care or realize what they are doing. It is mostly the short Greys that employees of underground bases will come across, as the Draco reptilians keep themselves away from human interaction most of the time.

The white Dracos are the Draco Prime. On February 13th, Kelly Stephenson casboolt found hanged a jamees hours after her cousin Nathaniel Pritchard, 15, was declared dead following a suspected suicide. Eventually, everyone headed off, and my friend bravely followed to try and get my shoes and jacket back.

The Americans stated they would only agree to the terms if a list of abductees was provided to the government and the abductees returned unharmed with their memories of the event erased. My Umbra files are stored at a facility in Linville, North Carolina. Taken from Chalgrove primary school in Finchley, London by acsbolt men and driven to Greenham Common military base. Caebolt man is a member of the U. So i put him iin a black saturn cube nad in a vast black ocean of goo Sign In or Register.

It was also crowded with characters.


James Casbolt MI6 – Buried Alive | Super Soldier Forum

Part of my role in Project Mannequin was to make telepathic contact with the large Pleiadian mother ships in the outer atmosphere and then pass the messages onto Commander Clavius and other people.

It is not for humans to understand the mind of malevolent xenos.

Like Reply 2 Likes. The tunnel went further on past the two booths. Return of the Next Level, Papas said, “The screenplay came in a bit wordy, what with all the talk of aliens tromping around Earth trying to find humans suitable to zap up to the Orion nebula.

I have seen the famous politician I mentioned in Chapter 5 ageny than once in various underground facilities around the U. You can therefore imagine how important this ability would be to an individual involved in espionage.

Tingleya disciple of Madame Blavatsky. Yes, the large Pleiadian craft are here. This worrying news is balanced out by the fact that there are also many benevolent ETs from various star systems who are here to help us and have been involved in an ancient war with the Dracos.

This is a genetically enhanced soldier with heightened senses, intelligence, strength, and paranormal abilities such as telepathy. I later discovered that my NSA handlers needed to have me in a less built-up rural area, as the number of my vehicle pick-ups had increased.

James Casbolt MI6 – Buried Alive | Super Soldier Forum

I carried out xgent first covert assassination for the intelligence community when I was sixteen years old in Brighton. I laid on the floor semi-conscious, and my shoes and jacket were taken. If we could make it past the bridge and into the pub at the end of the street, we would be safe. Michael, being the loyal soldier he is, came with his Aldebaran military forces.