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Gear Nomenclature, Definitions of Terms with Symbols ANSI/AGMA G05 [ Revision of ANSI/AGMA F90] Approval of an American. AGMA Gear Nomenclature, Definition of Terms with Symbols. Look Inside. AGMA Revision G05, September 29, Complete Document. AGMA G05 – Others. We also recommend journals. Cover · AGMA · Cover. AGMA · Cover · MIL-A · Cover. AD W0 · Cover · AD W1.

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Tolerance is the amount by which a specific dimension is permitted to vary. It is the imaginary circle that rolls without slipping with a pitch circle of a mating gear, see figure If measured in a normal plane a correction using the appropriate helix angle must be applied to the measured value, see figure It provides definitive meanings by the use of words and illustrations, for commonly used gearing terms.

It is properly the radius of curvature of the pitch surface in the given cross section. Subscription pricing is determined by: Practically all bevel gears have spiral teeth that are curved and oblique.

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Cancel Forgot your password? The use of abbreviations is approved only when there can be no possible misunderstanding as to their meaning.

This number represents an editorial device for tabular convenience to allow use of spur gear tables in a regular progression for an infinite combination of helical gears see AGMA A88 5. We have no amendments or corrections for this standard.

Involute Tip relief 4. If pitch is measured in a plane other than the transverse plane, a correction using the appropriate helix angle must be applied to the measured value, see figures 99 and Many terms are listed in the index more than once by restating agmx with rearranged key words, to aid user look–up of related terms.


Gear nomenclature, definitions of terms with symbols : AGMA standard.

Where equations require a different format or constant for use with SI units, the primary equation has an M appended and the secondary expression is shown after the first, indented. More like this Similar Items. A combination of spur and helical or other types can operate on crossed axes, see figure Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping.

Front angle, in a bevel gear, is the angle between an element of the front cone and a plane of rotation, and usually equals the pitch angle, see figure As the voice of the U. Please enter your name. In addition, terms which started to be commonly used in gear load rating were introduced in the annex.

Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es. We have no amendments or corrections for this standard. You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time.

W Figure 95 — Schematic of composite action test 5. It can be regarded as part wgma a gear of infinitely large diameter, see figure 1. Figure 87 — Line of action 4.

ANSI/AGMA G05 (R) – Gear Nomenclature, Definition of Terms with Symbols

Total radial composite tolerance double flank is the permissible amount of total radial composite deviation. Addendum angle in a bevel gear, is the angle between elements of the face cone and pitch cone, see figure Back cone distance in a bevel gear is the distance along an element of the back cone from its apex to the pitch cone, see figure For a constant velocity ratio, the pitch cylinders and pitch cones are circular, see figures 25 and Work gear Master gear 5.


This standard establishes the definitions of terms, symbols and abbreviations which may be used to communicate the technology and specifications of external and internal gear teeth. The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names. It is understood to be at the standard pitch diameter unless otherwise specified, see figure Wheel per ISO For convenience and brevity, it is desirable to use a general symbol without a subscript when only one value of a given kind is involved.

Of two gears that run together, the one with the smaller number of teeth is called the pinion, see figure 1.

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This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions. This filter cutoff should be stated in terms of roll path length. SI metric units of measure, where applicable, are shown in the text. Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private.

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