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All about Acidente – Aksidenti (Em Portugues do Brasil) by Ismail Kadare. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Aksidenti: roman. Front Cover. Ismail Kadare. Onufri, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Aksidenti. The novel in question is, of course, Broken April by Ismail KadarĂ© who has City (Darka e Gabuar: ), and The Accident (Aksidenti: ).

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Acidente – Aksidenti (Em Portugues do Brasil)

The disjointed narrative flow is interesting, but the author uses the technique so sporadically that it comes off as clumsy and cliche half the trippy moments are outright stated to be dreams, and the majority of the narrative is an admitted fantasy reconstruction.

There are no easy answers or straightforward resolutions to the conundrums of The Accident, and Kadare keeps us wondering what purchase we have in a reality that might lie behind the fragments of story and event gathered together by his unnamed investigator. Retrieved 12 March La cronologia si frammenta e gli eventi si aksirenti violando il aksidento ordine temporale.

Jul 02, Fionnuala added it Shelves: Yet, I have always believed and fight still to believe in beauty, nat Some people feel the rain, others just get wet. Il giorno 17 ottobre, al km 17 di una strada che porta all’aeroporto un taxi finisce fuori strada: Solo uno di loro decide, sulla base del controverso e incoerente materiale raccolto, di raccontare la storia dei due.

I would say it is more a mystery. The author does not seem to be able to decide. The man and woman are s Ismail Kadare’s The Accident is a brief novel that explores, sometimes obliquely, the ways stories are told, how relationships develop and shift over time, and the life of Albanians following the collapse of Communism.

At that time, he stated that “dictatorship and authentic literature are incompatible. I didn’t really get this at all.

The Accident by Ismail Kadare. To see what your friends thought of issmail book, please sign up.

I suppose this was written after long Communist Albanian rule Albania essentially serves as a character throughout the text, main characters being from there, the author himself being Albanianso maybe the author ismali for this to reflect the complex course the characters took in hiding the detail of the case?


Kadare clearly has something in mind as he makes the choices he does in this novel, but I think for most readers these choices will be alienating kxdare make this a less compelling read, as they did for me. It is so great. I had taken a sailing trip up the coast of Maine for nine days with two close friends and I used the opportunity aksidfnti read Tolstoy’s War and Peace the first time. Gazeta Ekspress in Albanian.

Jan 01, Tiffany rated it liked it.

Except from the book Kadare, leximi dhe interpretimet. It concerns the extremely thorough investigation of an automobile accident that occurred 17 Km outside of Vienna. Fundacion Princessa de Asturias. Among his best known books are Chronicle in StoneBroken Apriland The Concertconsidered the best novel of the year by the French literary magazine Lire.

The first part described the known facts of the main event, police accounts, witness statements, bits and pieces of documentary evidence like hotel bills and flight receipts, conversations recalled by friends and contacts. Ismail Halit Kadare Kadrae I generally enjoy contemporary novels that work classical mythologies into them.

Oct 30, mark rated it really liked it Shelves: I had to flip back several times to remember things and put things together, but rather than being a nuisance or distracting, it became charming akdidenti as though I, too, were involved in this elaborate investigation and as if I might be the one who ultimately sees the truth.

Aksidenti: roman – Ismail Kadare – Google Books

Mar 04, Ellen rated it liked it Shelves: View all 3 comments. Non si comprende quale ruolo abbia Bessfort nello scacchiere politico europeo. The author can’t write women is,ail save his life; breasts are mentioned at least once every five pages, and generally women are portrayed as sneaky magical creatures that ought to be feared because they’ll turn into lesbians to spite you.

Set against the kadar backdrop of the war in the Balkans, The Accident closely documents an affair between two young lovers. I found this book confusing and, at times, difficult to follow. No trivia or quizzes yet. Yes, maybe Kadra intended this to be a confusing dream of an enigma upon pages marketed as a novel. Maybe is a great book, but too slow for me, only liked the parts about the Albanian history.


The novel begins intriguingly enough, with a taxi that gets into an a,sidenti, flinging out a couple in the back seat but leaving the driver unharmed. Much as the novel centers on and spins off of the central event of their accident, the lives of the lovers Besfort Y. His works have been published in about 30 languages. Contained the best two sentences I have read all year so far, exquisite metaphor the more powerful for being understated and unshowy.

And yes, like everything else in this book, forty weeks has certain significance in Balkan mythology but don’t ask me what it is This does not make for easy reading, but I suspect it gives the reader a good insight into the tortuous thought processes that were needed to survive the oppressive regime that was inspired by Albania’s long serving dictator Enver Hoxha.

The story is complex, often confusing and vague as it pulls off the layers of Rovena and Besfort’s relationship, one that is dysfunctional and toxic at best. His prose is very descriptive, but almost in an avant-garde way. I just kaare know.

The Accident

The driver survives, but is unable to describe what he saw that caused the accident, other than to say, time and again, that just before the accident the man and woman tried to kiss. To view it, click here. I have seen and read and loved a lot and come to know the pain of it and of cynicism. The timeline shifts rapidly without word, first person narrative in kdaare paragraph becomes third person in the next, aksidejti scenes are detailed, after which it is insinuated that one was a dream.

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