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# – 06/20/08 AM Al DiMeola transcription. johann Offline Member Registered: 06/16/ Posts: 5. Loc: mexico, NL. Can’t find the rest of the. As recorded by Al Di Meola (w/Paco de LucĂ­a). (From the Album ELEGANT GYPSY). Transcribed by Patricio Espigares. Music by Al Di Meola. A Intro. Transcript of an Interview from Jackie’s Groove. Interviewer: Jackie Bertone. Interviewee: Al Di meola. Al-Di-Meola. Note: {I.A} means In Audible / Hard to.

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Published by Alfred Music AP.

What are you most comfortable doing? As with so many guitar players, Al was a most generous and patient interviewee, and I enjoyed our chat immensely. Six-String Heroes Guitar Book. Do you think that also has affected it? Published by Hal Leonard HL. Music Words Pictures Artist Transcriptions. With guitar tablature, standard notation, chord names, instructional text and introductory text. So for me, it just kind of inspired me tremendously to move, or try to move, in a direction that had elements of both, where the melodies kind of, you know, move you to that level of sentimentality, you know.

Well maybe not now, no. Composed by Dale Turner. Do you consume any other art forms? Guitar World — 20 Essential Jazz Licks. Was it difficult when you first started to actually take the jump off point when you knew that you were meolz to do something that was maybe transcrpitions little bit more radical compared to the versions that are more faithful, if that makes sense, was it difficult to leave the first time?

Outside music, not transcripfions, not much. Actually Elegant Gypsy was on the level of like a, you know I had a couple of hit singles off that record in Germany.


So if Piazzolla just after When I met him and his band they were trsnscriptions much knowledgeable about what I was doing and they were all kind of fans of my stuff. Listen to your favourite players and try to copy them.

I spoke to him that I was recording his music at Abbey Road doing a version of it.

My list goes on. They have to first, more importantly than anything in the whole world is rhythm.

Al di Meola full transcript

Soloing Techniques for Electric Guitar. I think if somebody was with him it might have hit them as id who I was and then that might have rung a bell, you know? So I booked Studio 3 and that began the recording process that eventually wound up becoming a product. So what outside of music do you, what do you do to relax outside of music, what stuff turns you on outside of music?

No, I really felt like I was thrown into, you know, an a of giants and you had transcriptins fight, you had to fight, it was either sink or swim as well, you know? Yeah I recall hearing that absolutely. Unfortunately the timing that, you know, unfortunately he passed away after a stroke.

Al Di Meola – 1976-1992 – 13 Albums

Do you recall hearing that? I was really into the production and that came from listening to the Beatles. You consent to our cookies and privacy policy if you continue to use this site. Al Di Meola’s Picking Techniques. By signing up ttranscriptions consent with the terms in our Privacy Policy.

Yeah, it was a solid body like a, the closest it would look like is more a Strat like than Les Paul like. It was good to see you again, I first transxriptions you in in Torrence in Los Angeles, some shows there. So they so friendly, they were so warm and that it kind of encouraged me to enquire more about their stuff. Hal Leonard Artist Transcriptions. There are a lot of older recordings you listen to and you go man! You name some stuff. La Fusion and Instructional. Magazines, I check them all out.


Why was it big, that was partly due to the fact transcruptions they were recording a very small amount of tracks of analogue which completely blow away anything modern in the digital world, even to this day.

Al Di Meola -Elegant Gypsy (Album Transcription Book) – PDF Free Download

It was some kind of Japanese guitar with a name that was called a Segovia, but it was an electric guitar, very cheap. Guitar[with Chord Symbols] Artist Transcriptions. I was just wondering how it makes you feel to have influenced all these heavy metal guys? Well you know what? But Tfanscriptions and Paco, that was, you were thrown into the arena of giants in a sense and you had transcripptions immediately rise to the occasion, in fact you had to kick some ass sometimes too, because it was really like, ah man, it was hard, it was just plain hard, you know, you had to be totally on your toes.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Artistry. Most of them have great time. Solos Guitar – Difficulty: