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The Sublime Revelation (al-fath Ar-rabbani) by Shaikh ‘Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jilani, , available at Book Depository with free delivery. The Sublime Revelation Al-Fath ar-Rabbani. Shaikh ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, Muhtar Holland (tr.) Paperback. A Collection of 62 Discourses. By: Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jilani, Muhtar Holland Publisher: Al-Baz Publishi Paperback, pages Alternate SKU: bok, , ,

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How unfortunate for you, O creatures of Allah, that you do not really know your Creator! One who is truly devout [taqi] does not perform his worship of the Lord of Truth Almighty and Glorious is He in an affected manner, because it has become quite natural to him, so he worships Allah both outwardly and inwardly without any affectation on his part. Satan has cunningly deceived you and has made lying and wicked deeds appear attractive to you.

Futuh al-Ghaib Revelations of the Unseen 78 discourses, fairly short and to ar-rabbano point but very powerful. Of course rebelation, because there is many an elder [shaikh] who deserves neither respect nor salutation, and in seeing whom there is no blessed grace.

The Sublime Revelation (Al-Fath ar-Rabbani)

As for the scholar who does not put his knowledge into practice, Allah Almighty and Glorious is He has compared him to a donkey, for He has said:. One who becomes extinct [fani] to himself and to all creatures still observes the rules of sacred law.

Members of this category are a few unique individuals who do not accept reliance upon creatures. Whenever I yearn to fly away, along come the scissors of destiny to clip my wings, and yet I find consolation, of course, in the fact that I am residing in the parklands [barah] of the King.

First of all reading a book is good but it really depends in the content of it which is the content is as scrumptious as food or not. Your reliance on your earned income and your profit, on your power and your strength, on your hearing and your sight and your energy, all these are gods. Paradise is the home of those who seek spiritual status [darajat], the home of merchants who have traded this world for it. Do not be like one who gathers wood at night, who gathers without knowing what he may be picking up.


The pages at the palace gate indulge in foolish banter before the royal procession, but when the king rides by, a dumb silence falls upon them and they ap-fath to behave correctly, because they are now close to him.

I build one cubit upward and thousands downward. When this has become real for them, therefore, they do not place their confidence in those who praise them, nor do they fight with their critics, and they pay no attention to them. You are the slave of creatures, idolizing them [mushrik bihim] because you regard them as the source of harm and benefit.

If someone is present in a place where warning is given, but he does not heed rsvelation warning, he is in the best of places but he is the worst of men. No image [sura] shall distract you from Me, and no created object [khaliqa] shall block you off from Me. You have words without deeds, and deeds with neither sincerity nor affirmation of Unity [tawhid]. If people had only to make their claims to have them accepted, one group would claim the blood and property of another.

English View all editions and formats Rating: Take stock of yourself thee the advent of the hereafter. I possess a candid sincerity [sidq], with which I shall cut off the head of every unbeliever [kafir] and lying hypocrite [munafiq] who does not repent and return to his Lord Almighty and Glorious is Ar-rabbbani on the feet of his repentance and his apology. Fear Him and fear none other than Him. I have fashioned you for Myself.

Everything external that is not matched by the inner is mere nonsense. You are happy to be dwelling beside the suublime in [the cool rainy season of] winter, but soon the [fiercely hot] summer will come and your water will all dry up.

The Sublime Revelation (Al-Fath ar-Rabbani) (January edition) | Open Library

Its final stage is the renunciation [zuhd] of everything apart from the Lord of Truth Glorious and Exalted is Heand an attitude of indifference toward gold and dirt, praise and blame, gifts and the withholding of gifts, Paradise and the Fire [of Hell], blessing and suffering, affluence and poverty, and the presence and absence of creatures. Al Lacy Books in Cherokee.

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This is why they have detached themselves from people and abstained from ordinary habits. He does not feel secure until he leaves this world with his religion revelayion and having preserved his relationship with Allah Almighty and Glorious is Ar-rsbbani. In the first stage of their career they flee from mountain height to mountain height, from land to land, from ruin to ruin. He will give him authority over His creatures. Do not behave artificially or in an affected manner.

Your outer is a monotheist [muwahhid], but your inner is a polytheist [mushrik].

Faith is the generous distributor of its worldly fortune. Trust in Him and rely on Him, to the exclusion of any other than Him. He who serves is served, he who acts well is treated well, and he who gives will receive. He consumes things that are explicitly forbidden [haram]. Do not lapse from your repentance because of something someone may say.

You will be unable to evict it from your heart and to abstain from it, and it will kill you as it has ar-rabban others. You must develop faith [iman] and belief [tasdiq], and ar-rabbain up disbelieving the people [of the Lord] and quarreling with them. Your interest in this world has made your hearts blind, so you cannot see anything with them.

This site uses cookies. Be indifferent to their praise and their blame alike. You only revelatoin from tribulation and misfortunes because you feel no pressing need for saintship, direct knowledge and the nearness of Allah Almighty and Glorious is He.

He may deal with you and with them as He sees fit.