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Editions. The Swimming-Pool Library . Alan Hollinghurst · Paperback · Ebook. View more editions. Buy from Buy from – arrow icon. Buy The Swimming-Pool Library (Vintage Classics) by Alan Hollinghurst (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. The Swimming-Pool Library [Alan Hollinghurst, Samuel West] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A literary sensation and bestseller in both.

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On the train, Will cruises a young man whom he takes home; they engage in sexual intercourse. He has lived for many years, mostly alone, in a flat overlooking Hampstead Heath; it is extremely tidy and ordered, but not remotely spartan, hung as it is with artworks and filled with books. As a young man, Charles enters the Foreign Service and travels to Sudan to act as a regional administrator.

Was he trying to touch every base in post-Wilde gay fiction? Mar 29, Panagiotis rated it really liked it. InEdmund White called it, “surely the best book about gay life yet written by an English author. Upstairs, he discovers Phil having sex with Bill.

I’m quite good at shutting out those worries and expectations. Hollinghursts best novel, The Line of Beauty, features a similary empty protagonist but features such a strong plot and a more interesting character progression. But I mean, Will keeps picking up guys in random places, and how did he know they wanted what he wanted and that he wouldn’t get rejected or even ridiculed?

After The Line Of Beauty, I was always getting requests from newspapers, asking me what the election meant for Labour, that sort of thing.


Trivia About The Swimming-Pool But enough about the things that prevented me from reading. You never stop learning a language, which is why I buy two unabridged English novels from Audible every month and listen to them with as much concentration as I can muster. I ask Hollinghurst if immense societal and political change, whether legislative or technological, poses a problem to a writer whose subject has been what happens to desire when it is forced to express itself in covert fashion.

Hollinghurst covers a plethora of themes such as homophobia, while comparing homosexuality before and after the gay liberation movement. So if you’d like to peek into what gay life in Britian may have been like in the uber-decadent, pre-AIDS late 70s and early 80s, rehashing every negative stereotype and worst possible behavior scenario in the process, this is the book for you.

He’s been on my list for a long time because everybody in the litera You never stop learning a language, which is why I buy two unabridged English novels from Audible every month and listen to them with as much concentration as I can muster. View all 5 comments. Gay Lit readers, Literary fiction lovers. Litt thesis, which I stumbled across as a graduate student, made a forceful case for this idea as applied to the work of Firbank, Hartley and Forster.

Charles gives Will a beautiful edition of one of Firbank’s novels as a gift. Hollknghurst have very little time for this attitude, and probably not much to add to the debate, but just one thought – maybe empathising with the protagonist is a plus, but also, isn’t it a test of empathy to ask you to empathise with a character who has so many faults?


The Swimming-Pool Library

Librar Sawle, a key figure in the book, whom we follow from a poetically inclined year-old to a tough old boot of 83, is about to be interviewed by would-be biographer Paul Bryant. The alaan is interestingly told through the eyes of a thirtyish gay man in hollinghurwt prime of his life simply lounging, working out, and having sexual encounters of the various kind. Not as fun as it sounds if this book is anything to go by.

The theme is emphasised and its general applicability is tested by passages in the novel which deal with the work of the generation of artists who did their work in the closeted pre-Wolfenden climate. His novel takes up the idea in asides: I’ve read graphic books and loved them. This is a beautiful twist.

The Swimming-Pool Library – Wikipedia

He’s rich, young, extremely attractive and overwhelmingly motivated by sex. Also there a several long stretches in which the narrator is reading the diary ppol one of the other characters – I admire how the two voices are impressively differentiated.

Charles has been educating him on his own past. I can’t say I liked Will all that much, but I didn’t hate hoklinghurst either. I loved the snarky, literary writing style. Will is deeply sexual and physically very attractive.

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