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ALESIS. A6 Andromeda (A6). Service Manual. P/N: C. The information in this document contains privileged and confidential information. It is intended. To update the operating system software of your Alesis A6 Andromeda, please follow these instructions. Updating the OS is a very simple and. View and Download Alesis ANDROMEDA A6 reference manual online. Voice Real Analog Synthesizer. ANDROMEDA A6 Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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A 6 ANDROMEDA Alesis SERVICE MANUAL | SynthXL – Service & Repair Manual

In fact, even the simplest of Programs has some kind of modulation programmed into it. In a manhal, the settings overlap; but in a split, the settings separate “split” the keyboard. To store a Program or Mix to memory: This synthesizer has more modulation and control functionality than most players can fully use in a lifetime. Verwenden Sie ausschliefilich Wagen, Stander, oder Tische, die speziell fur professionelle Audio- und Musikinstrumente geeignet sind.

Activating a fourth Mix Channel adds a fourth layer. The A6 Arpeggiator is nearly identical to the Sequencer in its basic design. By the same token, when shutting down your rig, turn off your amplifier manuql then the A6. In fact, the band-pass output manuual Filter 1 manuall still feed the VCA directly if you turn the pot up. To me, the A6 represents the next significant step in the development of musical instruments that celebrate this technology.

The graphs in the left column illustrate what the basic waveforms look like. Mix Mode works the same: If you want to prevent the display from manyal screens when performing numerous edits, press soft buttons 7 and 8 together. Audio Connections And Pedals Chapter 1: As we’ll discover in the next topic Interacting with the Display, the A6’s LCD screen employs a set of soft controls – controls that change function depending on the current screen.

As the keyboard is played, low notes output low frequencies from the oscillators and high notes play high frequencies. Alesis nanosynth sound modules: Then I was introduced to the Andromeda A6. Please note that, unlike most of the other is the only Portamento parameter that can be modulated. In fact, you can make both wheels Pitch or both Vibrato.

  B133EW01 V0 PDF

For example, a sequence is often constructed andromeva that it starts playing when one note is played and held down. Cycles-per-second is most often referred to as “Hertz” – abbreviated “Hz” – ansromeda after the German physicist who established this unit of measurement, Heinrich Hertz. For Programs Mixesthe screen will display the message: Soft controls, therefore, obtain their functional identity or “personality” from the pages and parameters being displayed: Furthermore, the picture changes as you make adjustments to its para- meters.

In most cases, the “how much” will be an audio level, but not always. Uses the A6’s global Clock for tempo. Follow the prompts for whether you want the card to store only Programs, Mixes, or both. At this point, the signal is mono. You can think of the Ribbon Controller as a wheel that’s been stretched across the A6’s front panel. Appendix B is glossary of common terms we use throughout the manual.

Alesis Andromeda

The A6 also automatically tunes unused voices in the background without interrupting playing. The Control Routes Section Chapter 9: In many regards, the synth features a huge array of possibilities – for example the envelopes, of which there are three, are assignable to a multitude of destinations, have seven stages, and a choice of nine selectable slopes per stage. Soft buttons buttons in the VCO sections and display their respective pages when pressed. In fact, you can make both pitch bend or both vibrato, if you so desire.

This signal appears at the controls of both effects units. Add to that an Manyal, a classic event Sequencer, a Ribbon controller and CV inputs, and you have an analog powerhouse with all of the tools — and all of the toys. One of two S-Curves can be selected: For example, if you play keys in the xndromeda octave, turn PORTA on and then play keys in the upper range of the keyboard, the Voices will slide up to the higher notes.


Alesis Andromeda – Synthlearn

TUNEOK in the Oscillator columns means that the first six bands which represent the lower octaves of the range of this voice 12, in this case went through an Auto Tune process and were OK.

Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched, particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the apparatus. Appendix C provides troubleshooting assistance and covers the majority of common problems you might incur while using the A6.

There are seven envelope modes: As a prerequisite to actually creating Programs on the A6, we need to understand how the functions of the A6 operate. The closer the frequencies are to each other the narrower and shallower the notch. When an LED next to a knob or button is on, this indicates that the function is active. This parameter allows you to select the slope used to glide between notes.

As the keyboard is played, low notes output low frequencies from the oscillators and high notes play high frequencies. Oscillator Parameter Descriptions Chapter 5: Called harmonics or overtones, these waves are responsible for the waveform’s timbre pronounced TAM-ber or tonal identity. The people who studied this natural phenomenon from a musical perspective put audible sound into two categories: Adnromeda essence, this is really what causes the synthesizer to make a sound.

The extensive list of effects is programmable not only for each Andromrda but for each Mix as well. Andromeda A6 Reference Manual 35 Chapter 2: This is where many of the front panel controls come in. Suivez toutes les instructions.