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Losing weight can be a struggle, take a look at our free information and tips to help you on your journey to be the weight you have always wanted!. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Allen Carr was an accountant who smoked cigarettes I felt, and continue to feel, healthy, happy, relaxed, and FREE. Lose Weight Now: The Easy Way [Allen Carr] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Reading this book is all you need to do to take control of.

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Paperbackpages. I don’t have a weight problem by any stretch of the imagination but would sometimes easywekgh it difficult to stop eating if confronted with something I really fancied at that moment, always continuing after I was already full.

Allen Carr was an author of books about quitting smoking and other psychological dependencies including alcohol addiction. Sep 25, Stella rated it it was amazing Dasyweigh I’ll try to remember to post back at the end of the year and update on my weight loss.

I could continue, but I won’t, since this is supposed to be a book easywekgh. What especially irritated me are his rules, such as, eat only when you are hungry, stop eating the same moment you stop feeling hunger. Thank you to Mr. And so view spoiler [when i was once again on my crazy trip to non-stop eating of huge amounts of junk food and when i say huge I mean huge, such amounts which cause pain but you still do not stop and you can hardly eeight in the end When you eat fruit, the natural sugar, fructose, enters your body, combined with fibre and water.


Breaking through brainwashing is a key point in his stop smoking book, and in this one, he also sets the reader down the path to do just that. And except vegetarian approach, you can find these recommendations in any free and short internet article. Allen Carr appeals to my intellect and it makes me feel duped and want to fight against it. His views aren’t new, but he made me rethink wweight eating habits.

Free Information – Lose Weight Quit Sugar

After all, we don’t need to smoke but we certainly do need to eat. Immediately after reading I was very excited at the prospect and new mindset, and hey – I didn’t want sugar carr processed food all day!

That was a great first step, but unfortunately, frre both goes too far and not far enough. While reading I kept a list of all the brainwashing bs in this book, thinking I would use that for my review, but I d 1 star O.

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Plus, it’s hard to adopt immediately unless you have said fresh easyweigy on hand. Argumente logice, scriere cursiva si pe intelesul tuturor.

I’m surprised at all of the bad reviews on here. So in the end i am in the same place i was before i started reading, except i did stop eating meat. So far so good, I am half way through.

Free Information – Lose Weight Quit Sugar – Allen Carr’s Easyway

Allen Carr’s Easy way to quit smoking helped me pack in the cigarettes. It’s not a groundbreaking book, it’s just his Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking, helped me auit smoking after almost 10 years. Well worth the read for anyone struggling with weight issues. By taking away the sense of deprivation the veil has been lifted and I believe it will be hard to go back After reading this book: We all know that if we just ate fruit and veg and not a lot else we’d lose weight, and I don’t particulalry over eat any food but I DO, under exercise.


I can’t see myself doing it anymore because I consider myself too smart to be fooled again. I hope these ideas will help me eat properly.

No comas fruta con cualquier otro alimento. Jun 10, Janine rated it it was ok.

Both books are very similar, uses the same methodology on brainwashing of addiction, however the way he writes in this one can be quite challenging if you are not getting his point, there is a moment that it seems that Carr want to all of us to become a vegan but don’t wdight on it this is not even his intention. What do you think, i didn’t weightt that if you eat more when you need, you would be overweight? This book started off with good intentions but failed to deliver because the conclusion was just one more diet.