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Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Allie Mackay “Mackay is a master at penning magical tales of love across the ages.” ~ Fresh Fiction Praise for. Tour guide Mara MacDougall stops at a London antique shop-and spots perhaps the handsomest bed ever. Then she bumps into the handsomest man ever. Highlander in Her Bed. Allie MacKay. Buy This Book. Allie Mackay is a pseudonym for Sue-Ellen Welfonder of medieval romance fame.

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One second, a ghost can decide whether to be corporeal and choose his location. West Highlands, near Oban, Sir Alexander Douglas is on his way to claim his bride when he and his men are set upon by MacDougalls.

Highlander in Her Bed

Don’t waste your time I did not like the narrator The story was confusing and bewildering It was lousy erotica bex very unromantic!

Hazel Hunter Macaky by: She only knows she is inexplicably drawn to him and he wants peace as she does. But Mara makes him feel what no other MacDougall has – a passion that he never knew he’d missed. The discovery fills her with a fire that will not be banked. And we know she thinks she’s in a dream because that word is used like 30 times in the scene.

Kathryn Le Veque Narrated by: Present day England and Scotland This plot, with a few minor adjustments, might have worked better without all the paranormal aspects. Dec 29, Ashley rated it really liked it Shelves: But when sinister intentions surface and Amabel is captured before she has a chance to reveal them, Broderick is forced to see past the deceptions and begin another campaign of vengeance.


Highlander in Her Bed — All About Romance

Mara MacDougall udah kesengsem banget sama tempat tidur yang keliatannya kunooooo banget dan kemungkinan besar ada dari jamannya scotland para highlander. So Alex, unwittingly, curses himself to haunt the bed, making sure no MacDougall descendant will ever enjoy it. These three tropes coupled with a ghostly love affair adds up to a quick read that should have had more depth.

I did not even finish it. Unlucky in love macjay with a thing for history finds herself haunted by a cranky, yet very sexy, Highland ghost. Collin explains the pin is magical containing the blood of a saint or even fey magic and can grant three wishes between a year and a day according to the fairy folk.

Voices of characters disappointing A man should not try to sound like a woman After her sister is injured in a senseless accident, she decides to make Baines pay for what he did Feb 26, Marisa rated it really liked it Shelves: She now has a place for that bed she fell in love with.

Yet he and his entire clan are met and cut down with treachery by the evil MacDougall’s ,where his treacherous evil wife is the mastermind.

Highlander in her Bed

His intended has betrayed him, he and his men are dying and with his last breath he curses the carved four poster bed he had made for his new bride This romantic tale, has your typical Romantic Highland tropes: She goes back to her hotel to find a message from a solicitor. I’m going to go into that corner over there and giggle some more now.


It’s a good paranormal romance book, most of these reviews are ridiculous. Except Alexander damned himself wishing himself and Collin MacDougall in hell first.

It’s obvious Collin does not believe in the power of the pin and us only attempting to infuriate Alex. Especially since she is the last person who believes in the paranormal as she has been taking around a bunch of ghost hunting clients all around old English castle with some seance’s too and not one single apparition found not the she believe in it. Plus a lot of “mystical” stuff goes unexplained. Also Mara’s Philadelphia Scottish American father was so sweet, endearing and humorous to read about, as he is Scottish obsessed very proud of his Scottish roots which I loved.

Spectral Sir Alexander Douglas has hated the Clan MacDougall since he was a medieval hivhlander and they tricked him into a curse-the curse of forever haunting the bed the very one that Mara now owns that was once intended for hi Tour guide Mara MacDougall stops at a London antique shop-and spots perhaps the handsomest bed ever. I get why having sex was an issue, but was the character constantly grabbing his member?