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Home · Documents; () Mala Skola Elektronike () Skola Elektronike by Amir HalepDocuments · Mala Škola. Case Report Mortality case by:amir behnam kharazmi In the Name of God بيمار آقاي 19 ساله اهل و skola elektronike by amir halep Documents. Nov 26, · Skola Elektronike by Amir Halep – Documents · Skola Elektronike by Amir Halep – Documents. documents.

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InTech Open Access Publisher, On the use of the boundary element analysis in bioelectromagnetics. Fuji, Miroslav Furic, M. Eddy current sensor simulation. Potential distribution for a harmonic current point source in horizontally stratified multilayer medium. Automatic classification of infant sleep based on instantaneous frequencies in a single-channel EEG signal. Nova Science Publishers, Combining cellular automata and local binary patterns for copy-move forgery detection.

Effect of transport of growing nanoparticles on capacitively coupled rf discharge dynamics.

A novel paradigm for elektronikd optical networks. Noise barriers with varying cross-section optimized by genetic algorithms. Dodig, Hrvoje; Lallechere, S.


Mjerenja u mikrovalnoj elektronici. A novel miniaturized radiofrequency potentiometer tag using ion-selective electrodes for wireless ion sensing. Price based control of ancillary services for power balance. Application of bicubic splines in the boundary element method. Quantifying value of adding inspection effort early in the development process: Rigorous analysis on performanceof LEO satellite ground station in urban environment.

On deterministic-stochastic time domain study of dipole antenna for GPR applications.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Role of energy storage in ensuring transmission system adequacy and security. Prediction of time dependent standby failure rates for periodically tested components taking into account the operational history.

Algorithm for optimal wind power plant capacity allocation in areas with limited transmission capacity. Direct measurements of the lifetime of medium-heavy hypernuclei.

Integrated method for crater detection from topography and optical images and the new PHGT catalogue of Phobos impact craters. World Future Society, Hrvatska udruga za informacijsku i komunikacijsku tehnologiju, elektroniku i mikroelektroniku MIPRO, zbornik.

Mortality case by: amir behnam kharazmi

SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. Application of genetic algorithm in designing high-voltage open-air substation lightning protection system. Methods for measuring acoustic power of an elekttronike neurosurgical device. High value resistance comparison using modified Wheatstone bridge based on current detection.


New cardiomechanic pacing lead sensor based on high frequency parameters: I-Tech Elektronjke and Publishing, monografija. Self-tuneable velocity feedback for active isolation of random vibrations in subcritical two degree of freedom systems. Total ambient dose equivalent builldup factors determination for NbS04 Concrete.

Design and implementation of predictive filtering system for current reference generation of active power filter. Economic dispatch of virtual power plants in an event-driven service-oriented framework using standards-based communications. Frequency domain boundary element versus time domain finite element model for the transient analysis of horizontal grounding electrode.

Impact of surface orientation and elektronikee gate oxide materials.