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In “The Evolution of the Language of Cinema” Bazin speaks o: the image as being evaluated not according to what it adds t< reality but what it reveals of it. "The Evolution of the Language of Cinema". Andre Bazin. Jean Renoir; Precursor to Welles, understood the importance of depth; Orson Welles. Film critic Andre Bazin had very strong feelings on the subject of montage and realism. In his article “The Evolution of the Language of Cinema”, he explains his .

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The sound film does not mark the threshold of a lost paradise cinsma the other side of which the muse of the seventh art, discovering her nakedness, would then start to put back the rags of which she had been stripped. Jared Parmenter rated it it was amazing Sep 24, As we know, American films do not often rise above this level.

But we could not nazin examine all the films which have contributed to this linguistic evolution since He goes into detail with three types of montage: Bazin is right in stating that such films are an entirely separate art form.

It matters to this extent, that with montage the magic balloon would exist alnguage on the screen, whereas that of Lamorisse sends us back to reality. All the same, it is certainly not necessary to employ psychoanalysis to discover the delicious and ; terrifying profundities that are the bwzin of the beauty of Alice in i Wonderland and the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

My purpose is simply to suggest a notion of dialectical progress, the turning-point of which took place in the s. It is that fringe of trick work, that margin of subterfuge demanded by the logic of the story that allows what is imaginary to include what is real and at the same time to substitute for it. But this would be a super- ficial view.

It is this religious use, then, that lays bare the fo function of statu- 9 What Is Cinema? On the contrary, I am sure it was the most fertile aspect of the so-called silent cinema, and the only one which, precisely because the essence of its aesthetic conception was not bound up with editing, called for the realism of sound as its natural expression.

Summary of “The Evolution of the Language of Cinema”

Its begetters are in no sense savants, except for Marey, but it is significant that he was only interested in ancre movement a nd not in reconstructing it.


Where are they now? It is a fact that other devices such as process shots make it possible for T U’live-sr. So, near the sarcophagus, alongside the corn that was to feed the dead, the Egyptians placed terra cotta statuettes, as substitute mummies which might replace the bodies if these were destroyed.

And now I have certain other debts to pay, first bzin all to Ma- dame Janine Bazin who in every negotiation concerned with this undertaking has been graciousness itself. This book is a wonderful anthology of writings by critics and filmmakers associated with the Nouvelle Vague, is a great read, and has many more seminal writings.

Dramatic effects for which we had formerly relied on montage were created out of the movements of the actors within a fixed framework. I shall begin with the film by Jean Tourane and show what an evollution illustration it is of the famous experiment of Kuleshov with the close-up of Mozhukhin.

The meaning is not in the og, but is merely a shadow of it, projected by the editing on the consciousness of the spectator. Seeing people immobile in space, the photographers realized that what they needed was movement if their photographs were to become a picture ,anguage life and a faithful copy of nature.

The Soviet cinema took the theory and practice of editing to their ultimate conclusions, whereas the German expressionist school subjected the plasticity of the image sets and lighting to every possible distortion.

If the history of the plastic arts is less a matter of their aesthetic than of their psychology then it will be seen to be essen- tially the story of resemblance, or, if you will, of realism.

Readings: The Evolution of the Language of Cinema |

Essentially logical, like vaudeville and punning, perfectly conventional in its moral and sociological content, American comedy had nothing to gain from descriptive and linear precision or from the rhythmic resources of the classical narrative style. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. By Justin Wong Jun-sheng. That ambiguity that Bazin claims that depth of focus reintroduces is key.

If the cinema were two or three thousand years old we would undoubtedly see more clearly that it does not lie outside the common laws of the evolution of the arts. Cami marked it as to-read Jan 09, Throughout the whole sequence of the wedding, Wyler manipulates his actors with consummate skill so as gradually to bring to the fore the two protagonists, who, the spectator is sure, are continually thinking of each other.


Directors who put their faith in the image. He goes into detail with three types of montage:.

The Evolution of the Language of Cinema

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The three contributing factors to the classical perfection were 1. Nanook of the Northdirected by Robert Flaherty.

Objects and characters are related in such a fashion that it is im- 34 The Evolution of the Language of Cinema possible ths the spectator to miss the significance of the scene.

The solution is not to be found in the result achieved but in the way of achieving it.

Once more let us consider here only the final and complete form of the photographic cinema. Welles would have managed to make the call box stand out by its very remoteness and would have held the shot for as long as necessary.

The Evolution of the Language of Cinema by André Bazin

The real primitives of the cinema, existing only in the imaginations of a few men of the nineteenth century, are in complete imitation of nature. It cannot help but express in some way the views and feelings of its creator. But whatever they are, they have a common recognisable feature which could serve as the very definition of editing: This was a survival from the age of editing by attraction which brought people up in their seats even at the time and now seems totally out of place in the context of the rest of the film.

As it is not my purpose to award prizes, there would not be much point in lingering on the Soviet, British, German and Italian films of this period, which were relatively less important than they were to be during the following ten years. I will confine myself, prudently, to just a few indications. We highly recommend it!!

True, the film director, just like the theatre producer, has a margin of interpretation within which he can inflect the meaning of the action.

Giotto painted in full relief.

They are poets whose imagination is privileged to remain on the dream wavelength of chEdhood. The real action, however, the one that at this point constitutes a decisive turning-point in the plot, is taking place almost secretly in a tiny rectangle at the back of the room, i.