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Anestesiologia Veterinaria – Farmacologia E Tecnic (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by Massone Flavio at – ISBN – ISBN Anestesiologia Veterinaria. Farmacologia E Tecnica (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by Flavio Massone at – ISBN – ISBN Anestesiologia Veterinária: Farmacologia E Técnicas: Texto E Atlas Colorido (6a. Ed.). Front Cover. Flavio Massone. Grupo Gen – Guanabara Koogan,

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Target-controlled infusion TCI may achieve stable plasma concentrations of intravenous anesthetics. A pharmacokinetic study provided dexmedetomidine plasma concentration, set to be 3.

The program also strengthens research activities by requiring credits in scientific activities, such as publications in indexed journals, presentation of studies during Congresses and Journeys, publications in Year Books, and teaching as guest professors. Find all citations in this journal default. A combination of methotrimeprazine, midazolam and guaiphenesin, with and without ketamine, in an anaesthetic procedure for horses more.

Journal of Veterinary Cardiology. Treatment 1 was propofol P and treatment 2 was propofol and remifentanil P-Remwithout any premedication. The used method for the measurement of algic stimulus was efficient, noticing a reasonable analgesic period of 3 hours for butorphanol and 6 hours for buprenorphine.

There was no difference in mean arterial pressure MAP between the groups.

Thus, it is important to know the effect of anesthetic protocols on the cardiovascular system, observed through complementary tests, such as the electrocardiogram. Click here to sign up. Students, represented by anesthesiologists and veterinarian anesthesiologists, may enroll in the field of study to which the research line of the project to be developed is related.

Either your web browser doesn’t support Javascript or it is currently turned off. Electrocardiographic values from clinical normal, anesthetized ferrets Mustela putorious furo. This rights cover the whole data about this document as well as its contents. Serial dissections were accomplished from the nervous roots and their respective visceral innervations, concerning to the Autonomous Nervous System, sympathetic and parasympathetic, in corpses, to fresh, of dogs, without defined race, of different sizes and weights, along the lumbossacral spaces, beginning the dissection in L-1 and concluding this, in S The number of theses and reports has also increased in recent years Figure 2.


Cardiac and respiratory disease in rabbits. Additionally, anestesiologix reduced the hormonal stress response commonly observed during halothane anaesthesia and appears to have a good potential for use in horses. All dogs were anesthetized with isoflurane for instrumentation.

Effect anestesioogia remifentanil on requirements for propofol administered by use of a target-controlled infusion system for maintaining anesthesia in dogs more.

Acta Scientiae Veterinariae

Resumo The objective of annestesiologia study was to evaluate the hemodynamic effects of target-controlled infusion TCI of propofol alone or in combination with a constant-rate infusion CRI of remifentanil.

Change in M-mode echocardiographic values in cats given ketamine.

In G1 there was a 1st and 2nd degree atrioventricular heart block, a longer recovery period and lower quality. Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia.

Estudo anatomo-anestesiológico do segmento lombar (L1 a L6) em cães

A combination of 0. In preparing and defining the disciplines, research lines of faculties participating in the Program were fundamentally taken into consideration to expose students to groups actively involved with research and with the study of corresponding areas and presenting published results in a way that knowledge may be culturally, scientifically and technically transmitted to students.

Manual of canine and feline cardiology. It has also been shown in pressoric algimetry significant difference in GI at the moments M0, M2 and M3. Wild animals, in general, need chemical containment, with a view to reducing stress during scientific and handling procedures. Tachycardia occurred after induction, but no other changes from pre-operative values were veterinarua until halothane in oxygen had been given, massome hypothermia, hypotension, bradypnoea, hyperoxaemia, respiratory acidosis and decreased respiratory minute volume developed.


The values found for heart rate HR of anesthetized agoutis were lower than those for non-anesthetized agoutis, proving the influence of the stress during retention and the depressant cardiovascular effect of the anesthetic drug used.

ECG interpretation in small animals: More studies are required in order to evaluate the actual safety of the combination of propofol and remifentanil in patients with reduced cardiac reserve.

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Induction was rapid, excitement-free and good muscle relaxation was observed. Hemodynamic effects of target-controlled infusion of propofol alone or in combination with a constant-rate infusion of remifentanil in dogs Autor Beier, Suzane L. There were no changes in heart and respiratory rates.

Anatomy of Domestic and Wild Animals. American journal of veterinary research. To compare two propofol infusion techniques in bitches subjected to ovary histerectomy by estimating the efficiency of the propofol target-dose, evaluating the cardiorespiratory and hemogasimetric attributes, and the bispectral scale index BIS as well as the recovery period characteristics.

Radiographic and electrocardiographic evaluation of cardiac morphology and function anestesiklogia captive cheetahs Acinonyx jubatus. The electrocardiographic parameters and the tracing morphology of the agoutis were anestseiologia the results found for anesthetized small rodents.

Flavio Massone –

Twelve male horses were premedicated Echocardiographic veterinari electrocardiographic examination of clinically healthy, conscious ferrets. Mean graduation time has significantly decreased for Master and Doctoral programs in recent years Figure 3.

The protocols established in this work can be used in future experiments which require a longer handling time. Sorry, but Javascript is not enabled in your browser! No matching affiliation detected.

Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research.