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Download Citation on ResearchGate | Angličtina nejen pro samouky = Teach yourself English / | Anglicko-český slovníček }. Get this from a library! Angličtina nejen pro samouky. [Ludmila Kollmannová]. Title, Angličtina nejen pro samouky. Author, Ludmila Kollmannová. Publisher, nakladatelství LEDA, ISBN, , Export Citation .

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You and your husband.

They are present always. The children are at school now. Both boys resemble their father. Por likes his English class. We drink coffee at home every morning.

Can Peter come with us? They always speak very sensibly at meetings.

Angličtina nejen pro samouky

What has she got in her bag? James is at the bank now. Mr and Mrs Lee and their son. Jim smokes about 20 cigarettes every day. Jack is very funny usually. Tom and his friend John.


Angličtina nejen pro samouky : Ludmila Kollmannova :

The baby is very good. She seldom cries during the night. Good students learn English at home every day. David and his wife. Are your brothers in England now?

The boxes are in the garage. Mr Smith always drives us to school in his car.

May I have this map? I and my daughter. Has George got a good map of England? Smoke in the class.

Angličtina nejen pro samouky nové 4. vydání 2 MP3 Audio CD

The colleagues take their wives with to the party. He always comes with his colleagues.

Ann drives her car to work every day. Our neighbours have got a new dog. Of course you can.

Let jejen introduce my new colleague to you. We want to go for a week, to Switzerland. We and our two daughters. Of course, he can. We want to go to Switzerland for a week. They and their families. How many people do you know who go to the mountains on Sundays?


It is in my room now.

Květa Uhlířová – Angličtina nejen pro samouky-KLÍČ –

I speak English very well. You always get good marks on your examinations. Mary speaks very well English. Come to the cinema tonight. We both enjoy our English classes very much. Point at the teacher.