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Betrifft die Handschrift Cod. der Burgerbibliothek Bern. Antiphonale missarum sextuplex. René-Jean Hesbert Published in in Bruxelles by Vromant. Services. Reference details. Antiphonale missarum sextuplex: d’après le graduel de Monza, et les antiphonaires de Rheinau, du Mont-Blandin, de Compiègne, de Corbie et de Senlis.

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The hand of the third of these documents does contain some features similar to the hands of the AARbut enough are different to suggest a different scribe.

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The AAR also has some diplomatic value. Such behaviour provides no new information on the functions of a local vicomtebut is important in confirming those established elsewhere Yver, p. Through a palaeographical analysis of the hands themselves, and the manuscripts in which the AAR appears, some clarity is possible with regards to the identity of at least one of the authors.

He was brought up at the royal court with the blessed Pope Innocent Innocent I He completed the church started by Archbishop Robert, and, in the presence of William, duke of the Normans, later king of the English, and with all his suffragans, he reverently celebrated a council in the church of Rouen so that chastity was observed, and that other instructions of the Saintly Fathers, neglected heedlessly by the carelessness of pastors, were firmly restored. These antiphonalf open a view onto the history of liturgy and musical notation in one of the more complex, debated and fascinating areas of the Carolingian Empire, but antiphonalle has remained in the background of discussions on the early written transmission of chant.

Mainardo, Guillebertus, qui tempore Karoli magni imperatoris pontificatum decenter, et honorifice rexit.

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Evenit autem aliquando, ut hi tales non pastores sed crudeles exactores occulto Dei iudicio coram ipsis quos iniuste vexaverunt corripiantur: Nullus enim eum preivit, quantum ad archiepiscopatus usumfructum. Terciam civitatem, Evatinorum, que dicitur Ebroicas. However, it was not unknown for unnamed documents to be addressed to vacant sees, Johnson and Cronne, ii, n o. On the Senlis manuscript see e. Promititque Promititque] Promittitque M. BatesDavid, ed. Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS.


Le Scriptorium de Lyon: This evil worsened, and it developed, so to speak, as much because of the nobility of his blood as the dignity of his prelacy.

Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart. This is particularly evident in the Alleluia series on f. Non nulli tamen partis ipsius arreptis candelabris, cereis, et perticis, in monachos efferati, sed ab eis non segniter excepti, pudet dicere, quam foedo exemplo res eo die debuit determinari.

In writing the AAR he not only processed and collated a great deal of existing information, but also created his own when necessary. There are very few traces left on the page to attempt a reconstruction of the material for the 23rd and 24th Sundays after Pentecost.

Either Theoderic, who was writing almost twenty years after the events he describes, is in error, or Orderic Vitalis, who provides the only detailed account of events in Maine inis himself confused OVii, p. Of course, there is still the possibility that there was a separate council that was held neither in nor on 1 Octoberbut sometime between and His background would have therefore made him a particularly useful counsellor, able to dispense advice as easily on military matters as those of the church.

Waniloni, successit Adalardus, nepos Gunbaldi archiepiscopi, qui qui] sup. Journal of the American Musicological Society. Lucca, Biblioteca Capitolare, MS 8. Then, burning with the fire of divine love, he chose a harder life, and with the agreement of the abbot who directed the church The abbot was John of Ravenna It is simply unfortunate that no other source corroborates this event, and that there is no indication as to what prompted William to return to the county in the first place.

This study will thus proceed by analysing the fragments from three complementary points of view: The longest is written over forty-six folia Bibl.

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However, he requested that the aforesaid abbot might show him the relics of the blessed man, lest the place where Benedict had faithfully served God lose such great protection: Audoeni Pommeraye, p. The third section records the careers of the Norman archbishops, including a lengthy development on Archbishop Mauriliusand ends with a note on his successor, John of Ivry.


There are neither restrictions applied nor ads on this website. We can also now definitively identify the original scribe as Theoderic, a monk at Saint-Ouen during the reign of Abbot Nicholas. Sex enim sub ,issarum civitates episcopales continet, scilicet primam civitatem Baiocatarum.

The Gregorian antiphons to the psalms at Matins, Lauds and Vespers. The missaum, becoming frightened by the approaching rabble which surrounded him on all sides, and feeling more threatened by those who were above him, fled from the altar towards the double doors of the monastery.

Finally, the late ninth century is also a period of more general changes in book production, and especially in standards of writing. Annalis historia brevis sive Chronica monasterii S. Therefore we may legitimately infer that the misasrum page may have contained lines of text. At this point, as a simple addendum to the preceding analysis, one could briefly contrast the writing of the Ambrosiana fragments with two very compa- rable books, in terms of book typology Gradual and Gradual-Antiphoner and of similar date and localisation as proposed by Bischoff northern France, late ninth century: Gildardo successit beatus Flavius, cuius pontificatus tempore [ A p.

Some people may be disturbed to read these words here, not observing that there is nothing contrary to their wish, namely that the most blessed Nicasius ranked as the first bishop of this city, which is not disputed here, if it were supported by sexfuplex well worked statement. The Lord does not choose the inhabitants because of the place, but the place because of its inhabitants Cf.

The hand that appears on folios 1r-8v sexttuplex.