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(Zum Anspruch eines Kindes, selbst Kindergeld zu erhalten, falls seine Eltern keinen Unterhalt zahlen, siehe: Abschnitt „Abzweigungsantrag“.). Abzweigung/P. Access. Accessoire/S. Account/S .. Antrag/STp. Antragsformular/ EPS. Antragsfrist/P Kindergeld/R. Kindergeldgesetz. Kindergeldreform. im-Warnstreik

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It’s a state mechanism to promote parenthood a stated government goal by offsetting some of the basic costs involved. So no one knows if the ‘child’ in question has to be an EU citizen, Abzweigunb, or what? And this was a german kid. Obviously a German abzwfigung Words in the url are not separated correctly. Sign In Sign Up. But we are off track here, back on point. Sarabyrd is right any parent in Germany can get it, it is not income based. That was me being reactionary.

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Kindergeld abzweigungsantrag formular download

Short and long tail. The wifes niece despite being 23 and having a part time job at McDs will not give her parents any money towards upkeep as they have claimed Kindergeld for her all these years so she says she has a right to not pay.

Get a job you lazy fuck. Not like the OP situation is one of them. Decides he doesn’t want to do it anymore, its not worth the low pay, and informs his mom he is going to quit. He thinks every whim ought to be paid by mommy. But doesn’t the parent have to apply for the offspring, versus one applying for themselves? Mobile help tips and tricks Mobile SEO www. She covered all food costs and basics, but I paid small monthly rent and covered all of my personal costs Note 18 stateside being equivalent to 16 here, in terms of schooling and what not.


Take for instance my brother in law, 16, lucky as f to have found a ausbildung. Giving money to the kids Taschengeld is not legally required in Germany. Now don’t tell my husband I said that, but you get my drift. Short Tail Keywords amtsgericht jugendamt familienberatung. It is not easy but it is possible. No mobile version detected No flash detected! If it was meant to be a fund for kids when they’re grown up it would be deposited into a bank and unavailable to the parents.

Teens will inhale that amount daily, just in food and milk, easily. Every little helps, right?! I understand how it is done, my apologies on my wording choice. I am sure just as with other resources such as hartz4, eletrngeld ect. The one girl in my class that brought it up receives it herself is married, has a baby and NO, the money for the baby is something different and isn’t German so I’m confused.

Kindergeld is for the parents to offset their costs. The government would pay for an apartment and even a car.


I would love to have more money each month so I wanted to check on this forum before going and asking in person. Of course there are, but is it the norm? Fair enough you learn something new everyday. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I do not think teens are always in the right state of mind when it comes to kindetgeldes management, not all but many.

De lenght of the meta description is 77 characters long. They tend to be rather friendly and helpful there, at least around here. Is this actually possible? Emphasis bold and italic. I want my son to work hard for such things not to demand or feel he is owed them. website review

Strange, I’d like to have more money each month too so maybe you could keep us updated about whether this succeeds or not! There are special situations when the “kid” can apply by himself, like not having any idea where the parents are. Requesting Kindergeld after 18th Birthday. I agree with you moondancer, the same arguments are often made for child support payments.

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