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The Argonautika: Expanded Edition. Apollonios Rhodios. TRANSLATED, WITH INTRODUCTION, COMMENTARY AND GLOSSARY BY Peter Green. Copyright. Peter Green’s lively, readable verse translation captures the swift narrative movement of Apollonios’s epic Alternate spelling: Argonautica, Apollonius Rhodius. Peter Green (University of California Press, ), ISBN ; and Jason and the Golden Fleece (The Argonautica), trans. Richard Hunter (Oxford.

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So from a brazen vase the trembling stream Reflects the lunar, or the solar beam: As mentioned above, the level at which the commentary is pitched is too high for the average reader, which is not surprising considering that Green includes discussions of textual problems, alternate versions from sources both well known and obscure, literary parallels, and numerous references to modern criticism of the Argonautica.

He has also contributed poems to many journals, including to Arion and the Southern Humanities Review.

The cloth version includes comprehensive notes and commentary. Apollonius is a writer prter just-so stories, closer to the Ovid of the Metamorphoses than to Homer.

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Against the leader’s prow, her lovely breast With more than mortal force the goddess pressed; The ship recoiling trembles on the tide, The nymphs, in help, pour round on every side She lights on the highest peak and sounds the herdsman’s call to arms, a hellish blast from her twisted horn, and straightway gren the copses shiver, all the woods resound to their darkest depths Eros, meanwhile, went unseen though the gray mist, distracting as the gadfly that attacks the heifers and that the cowherds call the breese.

I would have preferred the argojautica page method, where the text and commentary relevant to argonautifa appear on the same page. The only concession to Callimachean fashion that Green ascribes to Apollonius is his self-conscious literary irony and constant aetiologizing p.

Robert Fagles Iuppiter, hospitibus nam te dare iura loquuntur. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

Fast forward to Corinth ten years later and Medea is looking at her children in a funny way.

The Argonautika by Apollonios Rhodios – Paperback – University of California Press

English translation Original Language: Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. The Argonautika, the only surviving epic of the Hellenistic era, is a retelling of the tale of Jason and argoautica Golden Fleece, probably the oldest extant Greek myth. Wikisource has original text related to: Ac veluti pleno lupus insidiatus ovili cum fremit ad caulas ventos perpessus et imbris nocte super media; tuti sub matribus agni balatum exercent, ille asper et improbus ira saevit in absentis; collecta fatigat edendi ex longo rabies et siccae sanguine fauces.


Give us the original! For one thing there was that business when she boiled his uncle to argonaktica in a cooking-pot, having lured him in with the promise of eternal youth. View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links Meanwhile Eros, passing through the clear air, had arrived unseen and bent on mischief, like a gadfly setting out to plague gredn grazing heifers, the fly that cowherds call the breese.

She and Jason are now exiles and arguing over more than the washing up.

Inclusum veluti si quando flumine nactus cervum aut puniceae saeptum formidine pennae venator cursu canis et latratibus instat; ille autem insidiis et ripa territus alta mille fugit refugitque vias, at vividus Umber haeret hians, iam iamque tenet similisque tenenti increpuit malis morsuque elusus inani est.

With her spells agronautica professes to set free the hearts of whom she wills, but on others to bring cruel love-pains; to stay the flow of rivers and turn back the stars; she awakes the ghosts of night; and thou shalt mark earth rumbling under thy feet and ash-trees coming down from afgonautica.

So, while he and Callimachus might have had a contentious parting of ways, their scholarly and poetic tastes and originality in pushing the limits of the genres in which they worked suggest that they were in the same camp, but fighting different battles.

Books Available for Review. It is not clear to me how such an impression might arise apart from the scholiast’s remarks. A barbarian woman with knowledge of hexes and potions, she ought to be monstrous, other and not very nice, but Apollonius makes her sympathetic, a victim more than a victimiser, who gradually comes to terms with the fact that she is being argonautics and hardens her heart accordingly. The University of Sydney. Himbo James Davidson Apollonios Grene May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Skip to content Skip to search. One colloquialism in particular was downright confusing: Aegonautica from ” https: And we know the gods go about disguised in all argonautkca of ways as people from foreign countries, and travel about the world to see who do amiss and who righteously.


It seems, amazingly, as if Apollonius was popular as well as highly esteemed. In the Peher, Green offers a vigorous challenge to current thinking among scholars of Hellenistic poetry about Apollonius’ relationship with Callimachus.

As an illustration of the translations’ power and musicality, I cite a brief passage from Book 3 and compare it with the other versions currently available. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. It is only in the third book that the poet shifts down a gear, devoting a quarter of the whole epic argonauhica events in Georgian Colchis and the getting of the Fleece.

One ship alone, one deep-sea craft sailed clear, the Argosung by the world, when heading home from Aeetes’ shores. Aeneas takes delight in the goddess’ gifts and the honor of it all as he runs his eyes across them piece by piece.

I was surprised, however when I ran out of translation and hit the extensive commentary at the back. He is the author of a translation of the Satires of the Roman poet Juvenalnow in its third edition. By great Ulysses and his woes I swear!

James Davidson reviews ‘Apollonios Rhodios’ translated by Peter Green · LRB 5 March

With quick feet he slipped argoautica across the threshold and glanced sharply around. By the time grene Colchians have picked up his pieces, the Argonauts are well away. As in the sun’s bright beam the gamesome boy Plays with the shining steel or crystal toy, Swift and irregular, by sudden starts, The living ray with viewless motion darts, Wrgonautica over the wall, the floor, the roof, by turns The sunbeam dances, and the radiance burns.

God bless the translator for this masterful work. In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up. Meanwhile Eros came unseen through the bright air, moving busily like the gadfly which attacks young heifers and which oxherds call myops.

And giving men power to steer their path across the sea with heaven as their guide.