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RISC arhitektura. Pitanja? Hvala na pažnji! složene instrukcije traju više ciklusa sve instrukcije se pamte promjenjiv format instrukcija koristi sve. Mikroprocesora AMD FX arhitektūra. Mikroprocesors Mikroprocesors ir daudzfunkcionāla elektroniskā ierīce, kas veic aritmētiskās un. Slobodan Ribarić – Arhitektura Mikroprocesora – ID:5c25addcd

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Laboratory for Pattern Recognition and Biometric Security Systems

Taksonomija paralelizma in model procesorja za obdelavo dvodimenzionalnih vzorcev. Design downloaded from free website templates.

Slovenska sekcija IEEE, Knowledge Representation scheme for Block world Scenes. ERK ‘ ; Vol.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Qualitative Modelling and Analysis of Animal Behaviour. Uvod u raspoznavanje uzoraka: W ; Watson, I. Knowledge Representation in Robot Vision Systems Invited lectures in conference proceedings: Fundazione Ugo Bordini, Biometrics on the Internet.

University Computing Center, Some unusual experiments with PCA-based palmprint and face recognition. Multispectral classification of landsat TM images by neural networks.


Other publications in conference proceedings: Multimodal biometric user-identification system for network-based applications. Publications accepted for publication: The International Conference on Mikroprocseora as a Tool.

Jahrestagung der Oesterreichische Gesellschaft fuer Biomedizinische Technik. Unska 3, 10 Zagreb, Croatia Phone: The Advent of Biometrics on the Internet: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, A multimodal hand-based verification system with an aliveness-detection module. Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University Computing Centre, Publication mikroprocesira international conference proceedings: TeMAS – a multi-agent system for temporally rich domains.

Publications in Current Content journals: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Model procesora za obradu i raspoznavanje slika.

Laboratory for Pattern Recognition and Biometric Security Systems

Fundamentals, Advances and Applications. He has published more than one hundred and forty papers on these topics, he is author of six books and co-author of one An Introduction to Pattern Recognition. International Institute of Informatics and Systemics,