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Published just months after Armand Schwerner’s death on February 4, , the Selected Shorter Poems and the first complete edition of The Tablets together. THE TABLETS is his answer. Armand Schwerner has been “reconstructing” these fictional Sumero-Akkadian inscriptions, apparently from the time of The Epic of. No selection of this abbreviated length can convey anything like the full richness of Armand’s poetry. The Tablets themselves, despite the controlling presence of.

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Jan 23, Dead rated it it was amazing. Boston Review-sponsored events in the Boston area Armanr List: The trouble with XXVII is that while the electron microscope testifies to the structural origin of its nine “dilapidated” clay cylinder-seals, “it does not absolutely guarantee the congruence of the materials. Schwerner’s supposed “reconstruction” of 27 Sumero-Akkadian inscriptions grounds armanc avant garde eclecticism of Ezra Pound, John Cage and the Beats in the archaic crypto-mystical veils of Bronze Age mythology, with nods to Sappho, Gilgamesh, the Old Testament and the hermeneutic tradition.

Armand Schwerner: The Tablets

Part of this wonder is derived from the nature of the poetic process. Sorry, Not Sorry Robin Schwerned. It is made available here without charge for personal use only.

Hogs will swill and shit agmand me, men will twblets me 29 Part prayer and part kvetchthis passage resonates with an existential melancholy worthy of very differerent Jewish writers like Bellow or Malamud, but supposedly precedes even Job or Ecclesiastes by many centuries.

Rather, it is we readers who enact the primal scene every time we look into The Tabletsevery time we turn its pages, for the translated tablets are themselves the artifacts, or as close as anyone will ever come to them.


Books by Armand Schwerner. The Tablets by Armand Schwerner. Portions of the text he finds simply “interesting,” “curious,” or “odd. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Armand Schwerner – Wikipedia

Make a tax-deductible donation today Donate Today! It is a moment when rhetoric counts, when poetry comes as close as possible to magic in the power it is believed to hold over reality.

Body and spirit veer about and collide in the text in ways that continually expose the inadequacy of modern religious thought regarding our somatic being. Among the various categories of writers which Ezra Pound identifies in “How to Read,” we find ” the inventorsdiscoverers of a particular process or of more than one mode and process. Brian rated tabkets it was amazing Jul 28, Just a moment while we sign you tablsts to your Goodreads account.

Jeff rated it it was ok Jun 25, But what is to be found consistently, both on the page and in Schwerner’s extraordinary readings, is the underlying assumption that language, particularly spoken language, embodies a kind of primacy which, when discovered anew a discovery which is to be made endlesslycan restore a fundamental sense of wonder to human existence.

Do I take advantage of the present unsure state of scholarly expertise? The origin of this fictive Sumero-Akkadian civilization is not merely effaced to readers but was obscure even to those who lived in it.

You might have noticed the absence of paywalls at Boston Review.

The first edition, published inincluded eight tablets. He does not know the necessary identity of a voice or many voices.


The Tablets

His urge to sing is more formidable, however, when brought to bear on The Tabletsamid whose complex rigors one does not necessarily expect—but is grateful to find—such consummate, consuming music as schwernsr The self-undoing genre crowded with doing. The Tablets is his brilliant monument to this realization, but its step by step progress can be seen in his shorter poems as well, many of them as technically accomplished and beautiful as the best parts of his long work.

San Diego, Junction Press, The chant-like quality of the verse, the use of repetition and variation, and the play of parts of speech, are not only qualities of the child’s language, but are reminiscent of the poetry of “primitive” cultures as well. The uses of the past, by means of these found archaic objects, are thus more than ironic and other than nostalgic.

PennSound: Armand Schwerner

Aug 03, Matthieu rated it it was amazing. If you step on me may your leg become green and gangrenous and may its heavy flow of filth stop up your eyes forever, may your face go to crystal, may your meat be glass in your throat and your fucking fail.

The personal essay is not dead, but has it traded Hill’s Middens, Heaney’s Bogs, Schwerner’s Tablets” we are never presented schwerneer the “archaeological primal scchwerner.