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Arthur C. Custance. · Rating details · 6 ratings · 1 review. Considered a classic in Christian apologetics, this scholarly analysis of the Biblical phrase ” without. Without Form and Void by Arthur C. Custance, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. “Without Form And Void: A Study of the Meaning of Genesis ” by – Arthur C. Custance – ISBN: , Classic Reprint Press.

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Without Form and Void – Frontpage

Bohu is from a verbal root which means ‘to be closed’ or ‘deaf or ‘stupid’, and as a noun implies unconsciousness or lifelessness. Young suggests the translation, “God did not create it to be a desolation ie. Thus while he still did not propose that hayethah should be rendered “became”, he admitted that this is really what had happened. And on what grounds was it held prior to the general acceptance of.

The Gorm Sense of the Verb Hayah. I think he is perfectly right in noting that Dillman held the view. In Chapter V we shall examine some of these contrary opinions with. Thus Pusey concludes that we have. It was certainly in part due to the learning which this king himself.

But as Dathe quite properly observes, the second might more sensibly have been rendered ” Pontes, whose Greek version aryhur the Bible was used by the Greek. It seems to refer to something prior to it. Verses likewise constitute a narrative complete in itself.

At any rate, whatever use or abuse they may have made of.

Without Form and Void: A Study of the Meaning of Genesis – Arthur C. Custance – Google Books

A few of the early Church Fathers accepted this interpretation and based some of their doctrines upon it. If the translation of ‘and’ and ‘was’ is correct, then verse 2 appears to be merely a continuation of verse 1, signifying that its formless condition was proper to the initial stages of God’s creative activity.


However, since in the. I did not say that this mode of speech impels us to the meaning of a c.dustance gap – perhaps ages in length – between the first verse and the second. Inevitably, the conservatives saw the issue as fundamental to the whole structure of faith and were ready to give battle at once in defence of their interpretation of Scripture.

Without Form and Void: A Study of the Meaning of Genesis 1:2

Thus was initiated a trend in certain Christian quarters which increasingly laid emphasis on what is now so often disparagingly referred to as the “Gap Theory”. It is thus not too easy to see how he views these events in their precise temporal relationship, for he first describes how this “broad earth” existed in its uselessness and then some ten lines later he describes God’s remedial action in creating not merely heaven but earth also.

Delitzsch then notes that had the writer intended to connect verse. Driver reached on exegetical grounds – viz.

Samuel Overton marked it as to-read Aug 08, The Promised Land with its. Custance contends that we should not allow science to determine what Scripture says.

Witohut paper presented the view that between the first act withoyt creation which evoked out of the previous nothing the matter of the heavens and earth, and the first act of the first day’s work recorded in Genesis, periods of vast duration may have intervened.


But surely if we render Hayetha as “was”, we cannot but. The usual view is that when geologists “proved” the earth to be billions of year sold, conservative biblical students suddenly dis- covered a way of salvaging the Mosaic account by introducing a gap of unknown duration between these two verses.

Pusey, Oxford Professor of Hebrew, diedor in one of its views for example, Franz Delitzsch, German Hebraist, diedwho held to the second view but not the first. Whatever voiv of disagreement there may be in this particular. When Barcochebas rebelled against the Romans, Akiba joined him and was captured.

Without Form and Void : A Study of the Meaning of Genesis 1.2

Ten years later, inDr. This outline will be explored in detail subsequently – but a summary arthhur may help to establish the general picture.

Catholic Theology in the University of Bonn, while not agreeing that. But if so, it follows that the. This shows us wwithout after the captivity God will again enlighten us, and send us the Messiah Targum of Onkelos, the earliest of the Aramaic Versions of the Old.

Fallen angels were responsible for the catastrophe. Thomas Chalmers of the Scottish Church engaged in lecturing at St.