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Abstract. Billy Biswas, the protagonist of Arun Joshi’s second novel, The Strange Case of Billy Biswas faces the problem of the barren, modern. literary milieu of the period to which Joshi belongs. Arun Joshi’s The Strange Case of Billy Biswas shows the process of alienation and rehabilitation via a 3- tier. The Strange Case of Billy Biswas (), which is chronologically the second novel of Arun Joshi (), shows his study of three different levels of life in .

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I absolutely loved and enjoyed reading this book. It is not the case that his merits were unknown in his lifetime.

The strange case of Arun Joshi – The Hindu

He was fully into anthropology and got carried away. Search Member Search Keyword. Apr 03, Arpit rated it really buswas it. Since he never wanted to become slave to inhuman economic order of the modern world, therefore, he rejected all the dehumanizing ideologies of the present world and dedicated and sacrificed himself to the intense search for values, particularly those related to internal nature of the human person— a search for spirituality and spiritual values.

Home Talk Property Beat. He begins to love this primitive world for its geography, the people, their josho, their livelihood and their customs.

The strange case of Arun Joshi

Synopsis The narrator meets a person called Billy and becomes friends with him instantly. Dhunia, his best friend, and other primitives consider the Black Rock as their Master and when he ztrange, man has to answer strabge call. All the phenomena of nature — flora and fauna — seem to be waiting for him and calling him to join them:. I second this thought He only becomes more irritable and quarrelsome.


Being the Collector of the district, Romi goes to several places to provide possible assistance to the draught-suffered villagers. The story of the Anthropology professor at Delhi University being transformed into a completely primitive tribal man is something really strange. Romi comes back to India after the death of his father. It had been disposed of in the only manner that a human society knows of disposing its rebels, its seers, its true lovers.

Leela Sabnis is a woman one recognises.

He has the courage, self-esteem, self-control and confidence and wisdom and vision to choose his own ways of life making shift from one level of life to another, leaving one society for another and adopting one set of values for another in search of meaning and purpose of life.

Why do you want to go back? As muddled as me. Meanwhile, Rele and his men begin the search and they move towards the village yard. The Strange Case of Billy Biswas Kathleen Blamey and David Pellauer.

See all formats and pricing. The story revolves around a plot on for how long can Billy keep himself away from the eyes of the ‘civilized’ people and even if he is seen by them, then how is Billy going to escape from them.

Now he is happy in spite of meager resources, as he has no high ambition. He is attracted to the unaltered lives of the tribal people and the love and affection A beautiful and an amazing read this story was! The one thing that drove me crazy is that the narrator is always apologizing for not remembering the exact details of a conversation that happened 10 or 15 years ago View all 5 comments.

It will surely make an interesting read under the cozy winter sun. The story tells us how one’s passion drives a person to reach his destination.

This article is closed for comments. We need to understand them, think like them, nurture them and if possible – be like them. I believe in simplicity and find verbose lifestyle quite obnoxious. Would have never come across this book had a well read bookseller not thrusted it upon me, assuring that – “In sahib ne s mien wo sab likh ke chod diya jo o log abhi dhang se samajh agun nahi paa rahe hain” – which roughly translates to “This guy could pen down the very stuff so beautifully in s which you are grappling to even come to terms with”.


Literary Encyclopedia | The Strange Case of Billy Biswas

The novel opens with the description of a song popular in the tribe of Bhils of the Cwse Hills: This is all there is on earth. Dec 03, Prabhat rated it really liked it. He traces out that the Delhian society embraces the modern values while the primitive world focuses on the traditional values. Did he not push his wares hard enough?

Once the review of the submitted articles is complete, we will publish the papers under an issue following four-month unit. Billy is biswss rebel against the modern materialistic, corrupt, shallow and pretentious society. Despite having such a background, he is ill at ease in the so-called civilized set-up of society, and is much interested in exploring his inner being.

Arun Joshi, Billy Biswas, Nature T he longing for natural mode of existence is no mere fantasy or sentimental whim; it is consonant with fundamental strahge needs, the fulfillment of which although in different form is pre condition of our survival.