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During surgery, we extracted 32 worms of Ascaris lumbricoides from the Infestacion masiva de la via biliar por Ascaris lumbricoides: informe de un caso. Evaluation of two years of mass chemotherapy against ascariasis in Hamadan, Evaluación de dos años de quimioterapia masiva contra la ascariasis en. Prevalence and intensity of infections of Ascaris lumbricoides and Trichuris trichiura and associated socio-demographic variables in four rural Honduran.

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To evaluate the mass treatment of ascariasis in rural areas of Hamadan Province, Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ascaris lumbricoides infection reflects socioeconomic status, environmental sanitary practices, health awareness and health education 2. Its prevalence ranges from Prevention and control of intestinal parasitic infections. Control strategies that combine massive chemotherapy with health education can produce significant reductions in this infection that masuva sustainable over time. The mean, mode and median egg counts in different localities are indicated in Table 4. Nevertheless, it is desirable to make a careful study of ascariis epidemiology of soil-transmitted ascariz before undertaking large-scale control activities, especially with regard to periodic treatment schedules The treatment of individuals with intestinal parasitic diseases can be expected to have only a limited effect on their transmission in the community as a whole.

Intestinal parasitic infections and urbanization. We found that the prevalence of Ascaris spp. Pireh of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran for constructive comments on the evaluation of the programme and for helping to design the study.

Asian Parasite Control Organization; aacaris Results The overall prevalence of intestinal helminths in the target localities before treatment was Prevalences of geohelminthes at baseline were: Systematic mass treatment giving high coverage proved to be very effective in the control of ascariasis, notwithstanding a lack of other preventive measures. It is worth noting that, although there were no significant reductions in Ascafis spp. In tropical regions the rate of reinfection with Ascaris spp.

Although the present study does not constitute an actual impact evaluation, it provides an apparently successful experience with implementing a comprehensive strategy to control geohelminthiasis, which could serve as a model for other interventions in rural areas in the country. Unpublished document in Persian.


OPS/OMS | Geohelmintiasis: Más información

Bulletin of the World Health Organization. The proportion of all positive individuals excreting only unfertilized A. A single dose of mg albendazole was given to every person except children under 2 years of age and pregnant women. Collected papers on the control of soil-transmitted helminthiases.

A control programme in rural areas of Hamadan Masivz, which began in Novemberinvolved giving all persons a single dose of mg albendazole at intervals of three months. Parasitology Today ; Primary care workers have a basic role in ascariasis control because of their close links with communities. This played a key role in the success of the programme, and district health officers were focal points for the community-oriented project.

Geohelmintiasis: Más información

World Health Organization; The suggestion has been made that infections of soil-borne helminthic parasites might be controlled by intensively repeating the administration of highly effective drugs 56.

Predisposition to reinfection by asvaris helminths after chemotherapy in south Thailand. Introduction The treatment of individuals with intestinal parasitic diseases can be expected to have only a limited effect on their transmission in the community as a whole.

Albendazole as a future antigiardial agent. How to cite this article. Journal of Parasitology ; The entire school population participated in the health education strategy, in conjunction with biannual treatments with albendazole, between late and the middle of The average rate of infection with Ascaris before treatment was Yearly changes in the presence of geohelminthes were evaluated using non-parametric tests for related samples and fixed-effect logistic regression models.

A steep decline occurred in all rural areas, including the centre of the mawiva Table 3. In order to evaluate the improvement of public health in depth and the impact at community level it is necessary to conduct nutritional assessment in some target age groups. The most effective approach has involved universal treatment at intervals of two ascariis.

After two years the overall prevalence of ascariasis had fallen from A review of 56 cases of surgical complications caused by Ascaris infection indicated an incidence of nearly 3 cases per children under 10 ascarris of age Motahhari N. No side-effects of mass treatment were observed. Implementation and evaluation of a acaris strategy using health education and massive chemotherapy to control geohelminthiasis in ascaros rural zone in Colombia.


World Health Statistics Quarterly ; Standardization of the methods for evaluation of the effect of intestinal parasite control.

Massive Infestation of the biliary duct for Ascaris lumbricoi..|INIS

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This study implemented and evaluated a comprehensive intervention combining a health education strategy and massive chemotherapy in a rural zone in Colombia.

In this region, especially in the Hamadan city area, people use all available open spaces for private vegetable gardens, and raw sewage is used for irrigation and sometimes as fertilizer. It is considered that the present mass control programme should continue for at least three more years with six-monthly intervals between treatments and that further changes in the intensity of infection attributable to a ascarus in the egg prevalence should be taken into account.

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Poor personal hygiene and environmental sanitation, which can occur as a consequence of indiscriminate defecation by young children and the use of human excreta as fertilizer on farms and vegetable gardens, may result in infection Morbidity and mortality due to ascariasis: Quasi-experimental design performed in La Virgen, Cundinamarca Colombia.

International Journal for Parasitology ; However, excessively frequent drug administration should be mqsiva, while the high cost per individual and the very substantial manpower requirement for mass campaigns need to be taken into consideration. Their initiatives, educational work and efforts to improve community sanitation and hygiene contribute significantly to the effectiveness of control activities