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AUSTRALIA’S peak nutrition body has slammed Gold Coaster Ashy Bines’ Clean Eating Diet Plan as one of the worst diets in the country. Ashy Bines has claimed to help women all around the world lose kilos off their body by introducing her “meal plans” however, these meals. Ashy Bines has claimed to help women all around the world lose kilos off their body by introducing her “meal plans” however, these meals plans are flawed.

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Have a look at my blog too if you want cos there’s some more about it there or their website. I believe that most people have trouble committing because it takes a lot of discipline to stick to all of her guidelines.

Good, simple recipes and tips. Not happy with the service especially when I’m located near them. I have sent 3 emails.

Ashy Bines Clean Eating Diet Plan Reviews –

This was quite disappointing. I’ve bibes a lot with her programs and I have seen the results to prove her plans work. To find out more, including how ashj control cookies, see here: I first bought this year’s ago.

Duet have been working out for over 8 years now and I never ate right. Ive been on the calorie meal plan, breakfast, lunch and Is actually a lot of common sense. Keep up your good work. Meals are awesome, guidelines provide you with all the info and skills to develop a great meal plan which I love because it actually gets you to understand the foods you are eating and why, its not just a silly meal plan you follow for x amount of weeks.


I was such a sugar addict. Eat great natural food and that too shows. Finally found what I’ve been looking for.

I started the bootcamp challenge on Monday. I would recommend this plan, and motivational woman to everyone!

Above the treadmills at my local fernwood is posters of women in bikinis with The get foxy message, the final straw was when I went to try a boxing class and they called it foxy box-A-cise. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I have been hearing alot about this plan and I can’t believe people would pay that much for very little.

This site nines cookies.

The guide does not ban or demonise any foods at all. Gold Coast Bulletin January 8, 9: More than accredited practising dietitians took part in an online survey run by the DAA on the diets to be avoided in Write a review on ProductReview. I do think she has marketed herself very well so good on her, and alot of people seem to be getting results. TaraLeeCupcake 30 May 5: After clicking the link to join, I was greeted with a Closed Facebook Group.

The Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge Meal Plan: The Real Truth – Ashy Bines Exposed

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Lucinda27 14 Aug I have only just heard the news that Penny Cook died from cancer last night aged The recipe book – many of the recipes are missing their “Methods” also forgetting to tell you when to add an ingredient. I have only had the clean eating aehy for about two weeks, but so far it is going great!!

The plan is easy to follow and so are the recipes. I’m one of those people who puts on weight easily but loses it with little effort as long as I eat well and go to the gym regularly. Ashy did you also know that without adequate carbohydrate consumption you could impair the function of many physiological functions eg. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fantastic online support forums! One of my friends was sent the clean eating plan from a client and she passed it onto me, I was really disappointed because it is just common sense, all the stuff in it is stuff a lot of people already know.


I love the concept of the new Garnier Fresh-Mix sheet masks. I got skincare for Christmas. The trainers I have actually disagree with some of what she says and help us out with our nutrition. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Ashy Bines 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge

I’ve been looking at it, but am not too sure I can afford it, but siet would be great doing it knowing you aren’t the only one, support is just over the internet somewhere.

Melissa 15 Jun 7: For the past five years I’ve struggled with my weight and the fear of ever becoming diabetic. The only other thing I wish was that the supplements where a little cheaper! Her meal plan has been ranked as one of the worst diet plans that exists along with the Lemon Detox diet and SkinnyMe Tea detox which are just as bad for you.