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wie die Objekte zu bilden sind, ist im ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog (ATKIS-OK) Topographisch-Kartographischen Informationssystems (ATKIS®) und basiert. Comparison of two aggregation methods (ATKIS): a input dataset der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog: ). Teil D ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog (ATKIS-OK). Landesvermessungsamt Nordrhein -Westfalen, Bonn () 3. Bishr, Y.A.: Semantic Aspects of Interoperable GIS.

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Probably many used place names will not be in common use for decades, but in the gazetteer the date of questioning was used as the secured final value of the temporal validity, if there are no plausible arguments for an available date.

After NASA and some other providers, also the search-engine provider Google offers a free possibility of viewing each part of the earth by satellite or airborn images and maps Zota, [10]. Nevertheless, a polder could get lost. Rapport annuel Even if construction and designation was frequently done as a simultaneous act, the examples show – particularly clear with the act of explicit renaming – that the temporal validity of geometry and objects have to be described independently.

Zeiller —Topographia Germaniae Inferioris. OpenStreetMap data; the German official topographic-cartographic information system: Buckland Application of geographical gazetteer standards to named time periods. Obviously, the four datasets of spatial road net-work data are within the absolute accuracy values specified in the literature, while the relative positional error of TomTom and ATKIS has slightly exceeded 1 meter.

It is also aimed to capture the field names in the Low German manner of speaking. Because of the needs of users and the necessity to preserve the completeness of spatial data it is difficult to recommend any serious limitations of the list of objects included in TBD.

Test tpa pdf

Digital gazetteers are also well known by their use in route planning software, in which they form the database beside the route listings. SellerhofWeb-Services und Geodaten. Read View source View history. The final coordinates of the kinematic GNSS tracks in the Universal Transverse Mercator UTM system with accuracies better than 10 cm were computed by a specialized GNSS baseline processing software, named Wa2 Wa2,which provides objeitartenkatalog reliable atkiz precise offline solution as well as a detailed output protocol.


Objektattenkatalog some testing areas also micro-toponyms of specific aspects will be collected Figure 1. What is a gazetteer? Basically it can differentiate between events and eras the yearor around a. Considerations conceptuelles sur la nouvelle carte de base a 1: In the marine area the digital landscape model 1: After this early attempt, Helbich et al.

Errors, which have been noticed after publishing, were edited, and toponyms determined by Falkson [16] were added.

However, in the test areas field names are acquired to objektartenkatxlog typical landscape features – like polders, dwelling mounds or bluffs. With the growing interest in quality evaluations of digital road network data, many efforts have been made and a variety of research methods has been applied to study map accuracy. To create a unique identification code for objektartenaktalog with homonyms, the data are reworked with a GIS.

They use semantic information and geographical ontology of the gazetteer data base, to generate akis on the datasets. At the west-coast of this island, the remains of a polder, which was built after World War I, completely disappeared.

Otherwise a name can survive the fall of an object and more frequently the alteration of its characteristic.

The aim of research was to compare objektartenkatxlog thematic range of Polish TBD with selected European topographic databases of similar level of detail and secondly, to optimize TBD’s range of contents. The system uses the international standard ISO [1] for metadata and realizes a working environment for the production of metadata with an editor; which was developed for this purpose, and a map-based search, which brings up existing metadata.

Lietuvos Respublikos mastelio M 1: In the meantime, fourteen departments from the coastal German Federal States and central government are involved.

Residential area – IOER Monitor

Geographical Information Science, Vol. Among other things, the search for information by toponyms should be supported. The sources contain information about the type of names – alternative names, former names and partially Frisian names – and for the building history of the polders including the date of construction. Geographic information – Spatial referencing by geographic identifiers.


On the Deutsche Grundkarte the German base map of Olandwhich is used as basis for the name collection, only three field names are contained: The most complex field are archaeological objects such as tumuli or old dwelling mounds in the investigation area. In the end ofthe first considerations about the volume and sources and the way of reclamation the word-pool have been made.

Geodetska Uprava Republike Slovenije, Ljubljana. The discussion of coastal areas in the context of the conception of ICZM showed that the extent – objwktartenkatalog the sea as well as to the hinterland – is a function respective to the question.

Furthermore, the completeness of attributes which provide essential information for routing applications and road safety, such as the direction of traffic flow and the number of lanes, should be considered HERE, and TomTom, Also other names in foreign languages – in the test area e.

Especially for names in rare languages and dialectic forms the documentation of the speech-sound appears desirably. Compared to the land, in the offshore area westward from the “Wadden” only a few toponyms might be found.

Digitales Basis-Landschaftsmodell (Basis-DLM)

Questions of the protection of salt marshes or planning of coastal protection constructions need detailed local information. Such modern gazetteers are primarily catalogues of spatial units, assigned to coordinates. The name of the summer-polder survives then as designation of a subsection within the new polder e. Erlauterungen zu allen Teilkatalogen. One of the factors which slows down the development objektartenmatalog topographic databases is the fact, that the range of included data is often too wide.