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: Atlantis (Jack Howard) (): David Gibbins: Books. Atlantis (Jack Howard Series Book 1) and millions of other books are available. Atlantis is an archaeological adventure novel by David Gibbins. First published in , it is the first book in Gibbins’ Jack Howard series. It has been published. From an extraordinary discovery in a remote desert oasis to a desperate race against time in the ocean depths, a team of adventurers is about to find the.

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It’s a great mix of archeology and action. I chose this book while walking around an airport, looking for something to read while on a 6-hour flight across the country. His opening act of the main novel, in which Howard and his partner Costas dive near a sunken volcano while using special protective suits, is a rip-roarer as good as anything Clive Cussler’s put to paper. However, I’m guessing I’m not really the target audience for this book as I’m not remotely interested in minute details about weapons, diving equipment davd aircraft.

And if an Atlantis expedition were on the cards? For Gibbins, the truth is more straightforward. The author expresses some of the worst russo- and davvid I have come across.

Published by Headline first published gibbisn However, his execution is often lacking. Jack Howard 1 – 10 of 11 books.

If I had that many lucky coincidences in my life, I could win dabid super lottos. It was a simple standard-issue cruise missile, a Russian version of the US Tomahawk, carrying conventional explosives. The first half of the book is devoted to the three of them showing off their knowledge to each atpantis, sounding like professors in a classroom. I finally finished this book. Yes, you have to pay attention, this isn’t an easy read, but I find that even though there is a lot of information coming at you as you read it; I didn’t mind.


Every age has its own Atlantis fantasy, harking back to an era of unimagined splendour overshadowing all history. While I enjoyed the plot, the constant dialogue annoyed me. The main three characters in this book started out perfect and ended up perfect. A lost bunker, in the middle of a German forest, inside a terrible secret long thought gone.

Atlanits will still buy the next I very much enjoyed the previous books gibbbins this series so was looking forward to reading this.

Atlantis (Jack Howard, #1) by David Gibbins

Hopefully he can learn how to build suspense, hold his audience, and most importantly, create characters to which the reader can relate and come to care about. Frankly, the only goal I have for this book is to make certain it gets thrown into the recycling bin downstairs, hopefully never to be seen again Measurements for everything given down to the last centimeter; the acronym laser is spelled out in full, unnecessary definition and delivered by one of the most egregious uses of info.

I am also an advocate of letting readers make up their own opinion and not thrashing any author or book, but my friendly advice is: It’s easy to see why.

When a volcano erupted blocking the way into the u When I first picked up Atlantis God, I had no idea this was part of a much larger series. To the ancients it was a fascination with the fallen, with greatness doomed by arrogance and hubris.

And the plot was simply not believable.

I’ve heard it all before somewhere. There’s nothing original about the characters or the plot: It is, as usual with the theme, not really about ancient Atlantis, but about modern archeology and the discovery of the ruins of this particular civilization. Yes, they killed his friends, etc etc: If you are a fan of the genre, read Dan Brown instead. What is now the Black Sea also greatly reduced in size. Lists with This Book.


But first he must do battle to prevent a global catastrophe. View all 7 comments. If I wanted to igbbins about all of those emotions, I’d buy a Harlequin. His first novel, Atlantis, published in the UK in and the US in Septemberhas been published in 30 languages and is being made into a TV miniseries; since then he has written five further novels, published in more than editions internationally. Will I recommend this book? I have never decided to quit reading a book until I picked this one up.

The hero makes a lot of bad choices, both as a combatant and an archeologist. Part 2 of the book was set inand was much more palatable than the rest of the book.

Review of David Gibbins’ “Atlantis”…

This was a great story and one I found hard to put down, I enjoy the mixture of history and fiction and David Gibbins does it well. In his atlanti, it is an every day event. Feb 05, Tuan Ho rated it it was ok. August 6, – Great mix of history and fantasy It always takes me a moment to get into the story of Jack Howard, but soon enough I get hooked.