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AZ Edit Programming Part 2. SPECIAL FUNCTIONS Listen key is paired to the Talk Key and can be manually turned on or off. Many intercoms have AF on all. View and Download Telex Azedit software manual online. Telex Azedit Software: Software Guide. Azedit Software pdf manual download. WARRANTY INFORMATION. RTS products are warranted by Telex Communications, Inc. to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of.

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For the purposes of this user manual, the ADAM frame is seen as a peripheral device, therefore when the system is uploading information, information is being retrieved from the ADAM.

By default, the Standard Toolbars are docked to the top of the application. Select File Print Setup The Paste Special screen appears. A color view is possible for viewing key assignments, intended for use with the newer CLD panels but still sometimes helpful to see in AZedit. This can help save space on KP’s. This may require minutes per file, if you have several files. If you place a check mark here, an AZedit user in a remote intercom system will be able to view the destination in a scroll list and assign that destination to keypanel keys in the remote intercom system.

The Redo command is cleared every time you save your setup file or send your changes to the intercom system. Select View Standard Toolbar from the menu bar to show or hide the toolbar. All personnel who could previously communicate with the user at the old location will now be able to communicate at the new location.

You can customize the toolbars to have only the icons you use most.


The 38, kbps setting provides the fastest possible file uploads and downloads, but you may experience more communication errors operating at this speed than at a lower baud rate setting. Merge Icon The Merge icon combines the contents of a previously saved file into the file you are azeidt editing.

AZedit part 1 – The Comms Guy

The Communications window closes. To setup a party line, do the following: However, these quantities may be changed to fit your intercom system. This helps minimize on-site programming time. In AZedit, the number of UPL’s is set in the configuration of the matrix “options” intercom configuration.

The Description column displays a short description of the party line. This folder will not be deleted if you use the Uninstall utility to remove AZedit. Below is the IFB screen. If there are no changes, the current intercom system setup file is immediately uploaded from the intercom system master controller, and this over-writes any setup file currently open. Delete – eliminates text, a file, or part of a document with the intention of removing the information permanently.

The De-select All button removes the highlight from the all the ports in the port column. From the menu bar, select Online.

Telex Azedit Software Manual

Page Invert Selection is clicked, the three ports that were highlighted are no longer highlighted, while the rest of the port list becomes highlighted. Any of the following indications can be given: Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Search for this panel opens the Search Status Screen Search for panels with this key assignment only available when a key assignment has been made Show Grid: Navigate to the folder you want to install AZedit. Don’t show me this message again.

During installation, AZedit creates nine 9 sub-folders within the application folder. You may wish to set all of the restriction check boxes for all setup pages at all intercom ports. For more information, see Qzedit Print Options Window on page If there are changes, you will be allowed to cancel the connection and save your file before connecting.


We cannot be held liable for any mannual arising from More information. You can run multiple versions of AZ edit at the same time.

In this case you will see a prompt that there is a capabilities conflict, and you will be given the choice to reset AZedit capabilities to match the intercom system. AL – Auto Listen. P-L for the currently viewed PL assignment. The CD contents appear. The only warranties for HP products and services More information. Note To obtain a user account, contact More information. For more information see, the Port Alphas screen description. Using UPL statements you could have the setup file load automatically every day.

Connection to Matrix Intercom System Using Table 1, determine the type of intercom system you have and the type of connection you are using. It gives you the ability to manage multiple intercom systems, assign and reassign users to different ports, as well as dynamically add intercom hardware to your system setup without jumper changes.

Preferences are optional user settings for AZedit. Tab or Shift-Tab moves the highlighted key left azrdit right along a row to edit programming for the individual keys.

Talk or Listen is displayed in the column indicating the key type.