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The Bedini SSG is one types of magnetic motor generators based on zero point Keyword-Component: Bedini SSG circuit operation; Bifilar. Below is the circuit I have been using. This is the basic Bedini SSG (Simplified School Girl) motor. The only difference in my circuit is I am using a 2N I have been researching on Bedini circuits, mostly the simple one (SSG located here ). I worked out in many.

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No conventional systems charge batteries in this unique bedjni fundamentally different way. This will come into play later; so for now, as hard as it is, just forget it. The welding rods also have an attractive force between them and the magnets, this accelerates and decelerates the wheel The deceleration is apparently limited, or overcome.

Only when the two purposes of this experiment are personally realized will the researcher understand what this technology offers in relation to free energy. The really wierd and strange discovery is that Bedini and Lindemann produce and sell desulphators Parts Sources US and International http: I’ve edited the original post to include this info and look forward to more information — please continue to post I see the guide but I can’t be certain about it’s quality — there’s a lot of misinformation in this field of research and I haven’t seen John endorse this anywhere — it simply seems like a scam.

The circuit remained the same except for the addition of the new charging output which is outlined in red. For smaller orders contact their authorized zsg Peter and Aaron has done a wonderful job on this digital download. Hence its turns off the reed switch by pulling it opposite side.

The ‘tricks’ are in the bi-filair coil which captures the radiant energy and in the battery which transfers and stores the radiant energy. When you do the experiment twice in a row and get the same results you will know that your particular system has stabilized and you can get an exact figure of the cop on the back end.


A pulse from a magnet on the wheel triggers the transistor. Recently I got my electronics lab set up and am running experiments I have long dreamt of. I will soon be attempting to build my first SSG, but to be honest, I feel quite queasy about the whole thing. I was using a digital volt wsg amp meter and it was fluctuating a lot but I could get an average of about 1 watt of power being used no matter what I put on the output of the Bedini cirxuit.

Further clarifying remarks between these [ ] brackets may be added later. I might try this again with your arrangement.

I’ve just recently become familiar with the ssg, but don’t really understand it either? This list is for those who are willing to actively participate in doing simple testing of this Energizer. Circuit is same as SSG one, http: Could anyone describe and or demonstrate how to pulse a recovery capacitor for this circuit back to the source battery please?

I can get purple light on reed switch all the time but this may blow out the transistor within seconds I hope it’ll help others, I’ve tested it successfully and its working great more better than mechanical and Pulsed solid state circuits. Find the position where you get a constant beep, this is the location where ossicalltion will start. Also, overpowering inductive systems result in a phase shift of current, the voltage appears across the inductor followed by a phase shifted current. Hi, i think the Frequency depends on the Voltage, may turn it higher, and see if the Freq changes.


Compiled List of Information for SSG Circuit / Bedini Monopole

Diode1 and the Neon bulb protect the transistor. But too many information is confused me. Originally Posted by Zooty. Please consider supporting Energetic Forum with a voluntary monthly subscription. Now take ceramic magnets or small nyodium magnets and move them nead the top of read switch.

Single coil Bedini motor charging 4 batteries w no current increase

This is the crux of the Bedini Motor myth – it can desulphate a lead acid circcuit making it work more effectively – it is NOT a true battery charger! That is to be expected and encouraged. John Bedini Discussion threads relating to John Bedini. What is the difference between what the meter says goes into it, and what kind of work we can get out vircuit that battery on a repeated basis.

Bedini Motors: Bedini `SSG´ Circuit

A pulse of battery current thus is applied momentarily through the coil, whereupon the latter produces a magnetic curcuit which is imposed upon the seg magnet top in such manner as to accelerate the spin of the top. Set it to where the mechanical efficiency of the motor peaks out at 75ma input current or below. I used a diode from the icrcuit for each battery. Thank you for your additinal information. Originally Posted by kajironpu Hello, Please teach me about coil spool material.

This will give you the output of the system in joules. SSG partial parts kit for the above setup available. Absolutely no questions about the advanced groups will be read and answered without people first building, testing, and providing test data to the following email address: