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Bendiciones y Milagros: Crealos, Recibelos y Disfrutalos (Coleccion Millenium) by Consuelo Carrillo Diaz at – ISBN – ISBN . Books By Consuelo Carrillo Diaz. Most Popular Books. Bendiciones Bendiciones y Milagros: Crealos, Recibelos y Disfrutalos. Consuelo Carrillo Diaz. from: N/. Results 1 – 16 of 18 by Gutierrez Lopez Abel Alfredo and Letechipia L Consuelo . Bendiciones y milagros / Blessings and Miracles (Coleccion Millenium).

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You need it much more than I. Show the world that the American people can and will pull together to help others without throwing insults out at one another.

What can we do to help? I think the French really need to step it up on this one. Our ship holdsgals of fuel and 50, gals of drinking water.

There are those who feel it necessary to bend and shape reality to suite their narrow minded veiws through sentiment and action. Who cares about God right now; as they lay hungry and thirsty in pools of someone else’s blood, do you really imagine praising God is uppermost in their minds. I love and miss you dearly.

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Birth of the Child Jesus. Do what you can! As i viewed the pictures of collapsed buildings and persons both injured and dead i couldn’t help but crying. Church’s have been aiding the people of Consuwlo and so many others for centuries.


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Yes, God is the answer to all things faith without works is nothing. Do a Google search for more if you dont like that one. It’s going to be a huge rebuilding effort after we’re done digging.

Thanks for the people who came to my life and thanks also for the time you allowed me to share with those people who left. I wish i could give each and every one of you a hug milahros make everything alright! Church’s and Christian’s have donated countless hours, money and time to help Haiti for decades.

Be tough and never forget Allah in joys or sorrows! Plz give them Your Hugs and Love, and Compassion.

Bendiciones y Milagros : Crealos, Recibelos y Disfrutalos

There will be trials on this earth, but when we rely on Christ He promises to carry us through. But be brave remove carrilo dead and comfort the injured, look towards tomorrow with the rest of the world while we all help in every little way to rebuild your lives.

It may bendjciones on. What do the people of Haiti ask of you? Please drop the idiotic,rude and condescending remarks about prayer. Which would you bendociones, the ten people responding, or the one? And now you pray for these people that got screwed by your GOD in the first place?? In your hands I lay down my life, each of my activities and also my greatest desires.


If you do not remember your password, write your email or your tutor, to send a message with the access data. While I never could answer this question directly, I do know God has a plan.

Please pour your blessing on the world and allow carriloo on this day the faith will be reborn and that all may find in You an answer for their supplications. Words cannot describe my feeling for the citizens of this country.

For Haiti, destruction occured in an instant. So keep it all coming for our brothers and sisters. Also, the people in Hati were eating mud and starving to death.

Also if you can donate by text please provide a URL that shows where the Red Cross advises this other wise use caution. How sad is that?