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In BFG, they are a very strong fleet against all but the Necrons. In BFG the Eldar are represented by three lists, Corsair Eldar, Craftworld Eldar. Can someone familiar with BFG tabletop tell me how 6 new factions Eldar Corsairs are good old Craftworld Eldar we had in game 1 but with. From For everyone, who want to know more about the other Factions of the Eldar race. 😉 Dark Eldar.

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Both the Solaris and Craftwold are Forgeworld models and as an American, this means both will cost more money wise as well. Last up is the Hellebore, a great model in my opinion.

Battlefleet Gothic – Eldar Craftworld Fleet

And indeed the cruiser or escort vary by the fact which weapons you give them and in which combo. Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

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BFG: Craftworld Eldar Dragon Ship

Twitter Facebook Email Print. The next cruiser is the Shadow for points with 6 hits points, 4 torpedoes and 12 batteries. If you are already a member then feel free to login now. Frankly they need not have bothered. Somewhere in the unknown universe.

What are your main beefs with design and list? More variety, less Foreworld prices and metal sails are a lot sturdier than resin.


Like the other also rans in the btg such as Dark Eldar you get a handful of units to use. I think I’ll go with the Craftworld Eldar- I like the look of the wraithships, and I can use the flame of Asuryan as my flagship with a different hfg, of course.

Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In my opinion the craftworld fleet designs and lists are poor indeed.

The first weakness of the Corsair Eldar are that they are 3 times as likely to suffer a critical hit each time they take damages as most other fleets: I have been getting a bit of painting in and should have some more exciting sutff ready for you soon.

The pirate fleet is better balanced and has more variety. The fifth weakness of the Eldar is that holofields are not shields, thus when any Eldar ships move through blast markers once per move whether in its own movement phase or its own ordnance phase it can suffer a damage on a roll of 6 their movement is also reduced by 5 cm.

While Corsair Eldar have a significant amount of offensive and defensive capability, they should be used with care like a sharp blade rather than a blunt instrument. Thus ends the fisrt lesson on facing the dread Eldar in the icy depths of space. Sorry things have been a little sloww of late, I have been in London and away from my models. As far as the lists go, ‘pirate’ Eldar are hands down superior, better variety decednt designs and no junk.


When you move in the ordnance phase, position your ship defensively to be abeam of your opponent batteries.

The torp option does elear give a new model so to say. Of all the biological races, the Eldar are the oldest still interactive with the younger races such as humans, orks, and tau.

Such analysis of strengths and weaknesses will likely result in Eldar fleets being a predominantly escorts based fleet. And without their aid the gothic sector would have fallen to chaos. Craftworld Eldar fleet Eldar Pirate fleet View results. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Eclipse Cruiser by the Laughing God.

Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance. Available for download here: It is understandable why lances are your friends when playing Eldar. Congratulations, that was the stupidest remark the entire wargaming community has managed to produce in a long, long time.

For the same points you can get 2 Aconites with 10 batteries and 2 hits points splitting fire between two Aconites.

Eldar elcar and batteries are both great and for just 40 points this is another great option.