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It is important to note that it is not a separate standard but rather a subset 5023 MIAMSIE that is designed to be very easy to use in order to achieve more rapid impact. For example, MSIcheck can be used for editorial or peer reviews similar to the Life Sciences Reporting Summary required for submission to Nature or the Minimum Standards of Reporting Checklist required for submission to GigaScience or for post-hoc reviews of literature publications.

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The importance of this issue is exemplified by the so-called reproducibility crisis, which is currently being widely discussed in the wider literature and is not MSI specific [ 9 ]. These standards specify a minimum level of reporting quality by identifying a set of information that should be included when reporting an experiment and that is sufficient to guarantee that the report will meet that specified level of quality.

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. As such, the fields were placed into one of four categories summarizing the degree to which the information was included in the paper.

Finally, it is imperative for groups that excel in reporting to drive the development of tools that simplify the reporting of our increasingly complex experiments and to show the way by implementing these tools in conjunction with both repositories and publishers. Regardless of the discussion provided here, future work in this space should engage vendors, MSIS [ 27 ], as well as repositories e.

For the literature MSIcheck, all articles discoverable in PubMed using the search terms maldi and imaging were selected for the month of June To illustrate the way in which we anticipate that MIAMSIE will evolve with peer contribution, we briefly describe its iterative development pre-publication. However, it is narrow in scope and, alone, it is far from sufficiency. Other fields have valid values not listed in Valid Valuesand these are identified by the entry ending with an ellipsis ….

This granularity, combined with the focused scope of the initial standard, mean that the standard does not currently guarantee a sufficient quality level for reporting across all MSI studies. Fields that were important to a study but not strictly necessary for complete reporting of an experiment itself were removed e. A key aspect of reproducibility is accurate reporting of both experiments and the resulting data.


Secondary, but still important, was the inclusion of MSIcheck for journal article reviewers. We certainly want to demonstrate a commitment to scientific rigor and allow for more informed decisions regarding the design and content of a community-derived high-impact reporting standard.

Lucia, QueenslandAustralia. In combination with data citations or digital object identifiers, DOIs [ 72 ]which make datasets citable objects in the literature, re-use should not be an issue. Briefly, methods reproducibility is the ability to reproduce the exact data analysis and arrive at identical end results. There is a degree of subjectivity in the choice of what results are presented in a figure.

In progress issue alert.

The potential for misinterpretation of what fields are required or bfi applicable is a strong argument for standardization. To illustrate the concepts of necessary and sufficient conditions for reporting quality, we describe the two fundamental approaches one could take to construct a standard that is both sufficient and necessary. Intermediate categories Sample PreparationMSI Dataand Processing contain many fields that could have different values for different datasets or samples and so may require the provision of multiple values.

Given that current sufficient standards suffer from low uptake rates, we also propose that MIAMSIE should initially be abbreviated to prioritize uptake over completeness: An overview of the retrospective MSIcheck results are presented in Fig.

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This included extra conditionally gated fields for botanical, natural geologicaland synthetic samples, as well as making the storage and sample treatment fields more flexible. Ngi to journal checklists, MSIcheck allows for rapid nonexhaustive publication assessment. In contrast, the Other category provides a field for information that is specific to a particular experiment but for which a field is not provided in MIAMSIE.

Using MSIcheck as is, there are two caveats that may indicate that data availability was overlooked. Time will tell how useful the described approach will be and how well it will translate to improvements in reporting and reproducibility for MSI.

Notice that gating questions have been removed in a further effort to create a minimalist report format. Re analyzing community-wide datasets without major infrastructure. Laser diameter impacts not only the spatial resolution of MSI but the appropriate use of oversampling. Balancing sufficiency and impact in reporting standards for mass spectrometry imaging experiments Ove J R Gustafsson. This allows not only straightforward completion but also rapid quantitative evaluation of adherence to the standard when collected in a standardized format.


The combination of simple interface, access to annotation tools, and removal of apprehensions surrounding raw data provision may explain the rapid uptake of Metaspace, which grew from 1, 5 July to 2, 29 January complete datasets in the space of byi seven months.

5302 way to determine if research is being reported well would be to evaluate its methods reproducibility. The implication is 0532 if these are addressed, a demonstrable and relatively rapid improvement to the field would result.

This reflected the varied analytical backgrounds vgi the authors. GigaScienceVolume 7, Issue 10, 1 Octobergiy, https: Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

We are not setting a fixed bar, but introducing a bar that can be steadily lifted as the field adopts it. Sign In or Create an Account. As a side effect, an increase in specificity may also lead to greater ease of use and therefore greater reporting compliance [ 24 ]. A sample refers to the surface to which MSI is applied and can be from a synthetic, natural, or biological source.

In this scenario, the data resource would obviously not be 55032 in the preceding publication but would exist as its own citable resource. For MSIcheck, we show a snapshot review of a one-month subset of the MSI literature that indicated issues with data provision and the reporting of both data analysis steps and calibration settings for MS systems. The suggestion is a good one and necessary to evaluate sample preparation quality.

The MSI community should strive to achieve raw data provision rates similar to that seen for Metaspace.

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Conversely, confirming methods reproducibility is not easy in practice but ultimately should at least be possible, if not also straightforward. As suggested above, a further review of a much larger number of articles 6 months—1 year could allow modification of MSIcheck, based on the quantitative assessment resulting from such a review see Fig.

This impacts methods reproducibility, particularly as many software packages are readily updated or patched, 5023 can alter how they perform processing or analysis steps. With MSIcheck defined, we applied it to a review of two example studies from the laboratory of the last author P.