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Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc. Fill Dd Fillable, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. The purpose of this document is to levy uniform requirements for ap,n of the DD Form , “Contract Security. Classification Specification,” for contracts.

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Exit a Customer Objectives Perform exit summary process consisting of the following steps: Enter a short, concise, and unclassified description of the procurement action. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Block 2 deals with the contract numbers. Determine Eligibility Objectives Search for Customer on database Blajk application signed date and eligibility determination.

Draw Requests amount must agree with.

The following sections of this module will itemize the requirements for preparing and populating a DD Classification markings on the material to be furnished will provide the classification guidance necessary for performance of this contract. Are there design features which require protection? Some examples are provided below. Item 15 should also be completed as appropriate, because security reviews will have to be conducted by an organization other than the CSA.

Blnak service records Close. This is no longer a valid program and you should not have any new documents or contracts reflecting this caveat. It may require checking 10k as well. Block 3 is often overlooked, but concerns the dates.

Use this item for any other information not included in 10a through 10j. Typically, attachments will be Included for: DDs can be classified or unclassified as required. The Military normally has security cognizance on military installations.


Contract Security Classification Specification – ppt video online download

Additional requirements translate into additional costs so it is essential that you coordinate with program and other security offices to ensure you are imposing appropriate requirements on the contractor.

They are not intended to represent a cumulative DD Block 2c is normally not used with a sub-contract. In other words, copies should be sent to: Mark “YES” if the contractor is expected to generate or utilize hardware containing classified. Item 13 should be appropriately annotated to provide clarifying information when this item is used. Operations Division, Fort George G. The document provides the basis for a contractor to have a facility clearance FCL and have access to classified information.

Understanding the DD

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. This is a key area for DSS use also. The program and ISS recognizes the security requirements that the contractor will need to follow. If it this a Military base then the cage code is left blank blsnk the CSA will be a military Security office.

Contract Security Classification Specification

Use this block to expand or explain information referenced other sections of the DD Normally they are unclassified. Operations Division, Fort George G. A few notes about these sections before we go over them. The dd24 markings shown on bkank documents received will provide the classification guidance necessary.

Mark “YES” if the CSO is relieved, in whole or in part, of the responsibility to conduct security reviews and provide security oversight to the contractor.

Until the DD is revised, this block should be marked “NO. Block 3b should be checked if it is a revised DD, show a revision number and a date that the revision was issued. As a prime contractor issuing a subcontract DD, our job is simply to flow down the needed requirements to our chosen subcontractors. If more than 2 cubic xd254 of storage is required, contact the CSO to verify storage capacity at the contracting facility.


If a SAP subcontract is awarded, it is the prime blnak responsibility to incorporate the additional security requirements in the subcontract. About project SlidePlayer Dd2554 of Service. This item may be applicable on some classified contracts. Mark “YES” if the contractor is performing a service only and is not expected to produce a deliverable item.

Dd254 Form

Your completion of this question will allow you to submit an acknowledgement of your training and to print a certificate of completion. If the review is performed and changes are required the program and ISS must provide the Contracting Office with a revised copy. If intelligence information must be accessed, the GCA blanm responsible for ensuring that the additional security requirements outlined in various DCI Directives are incorporated in the guidance provided to the contractor.

The Government fulfills this obligation by incorporating a “Security Requirements Clause” and a DD in each classified contract. If the volume or configuration of the documents is such that specialized storage requirements are necessary, contact the CSO to verify storage capacity at the contracting facility.