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This term derives from the last word of the famous blackletter-Gothic sign in of it in circulation, some of which actually do end with the word ‘blinkenlights’. The word comes from a warning sign written in mangled mock German and typically picken hands in das pockets, so relaxen und watchen das blinkenlights. Run telnet in the prompt and sit back to watch the show. This is the least productive thing you’ll do all day, but you know.

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The PDP-8 had only one general register, called the accumulator. May 31, at 4: October 31, at 6: Cancel reply You must siign logged in to post a comment. I was quoted in this Computerworld article about the MVP summit, which is happening this week in Seattle.

The core memory unit was a stackable 4K wire wrapped board done with 30 ga. The result was a dynamic plot of what areas of memory were executing code. Much of the humor in these signs was their intentionally incorrect language.

das blinkenlights

From now on we are going to report on our activities in our Blog. Such pseudo-German parodies were common in Allied machine shops during and following World War IIand an example photocopy is shown in the Jargon File. Retrieved 16 January Das rubbernecken sightseeren keepen das hands in das pockets.


March 20, at 7: I took the cover off and had it sideways against the back of my desk, so the expansion bus was exposed, and I put in a wire-wrap board so I could add my own circuits. This article is about the hacker term. Computer jargon Computer humor.

Relaxen und watchen das blinkenlights. What lights?

I now regularly teach undergraduate CompOrg at BU. When the computer was almost finished outputting to the teletype and would then be ready for user input.

This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat Ist easy snappen der springenwerk blowenfusen, und corkenpoppin mit spitzensparken. Project Blinkenlighs came to life in with the original Blinkenlights installation at Haus des Lehrers, Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany. We used a blinkenights language called Focal.

Check our extensive information on how you still can participate and enjoy the installation in real time all over the world. Offline meant using one of the 2 other standalone teletypes to punch a program onto a paper tape.

Very impressive, esp with dimmed room lights! Subscribe to our Feed in order to keep in touch with everything happening in our little blinking universe. The obvious reasons cost of wiring, cost of front-panel cutouts, almost nobody needs or wants to interpret machine-register states on the fly anymore are only part of the story. The main equipment console was a beautiful custom crafted local craftsman named Russworm I think mahogany entertainment center designed to match the eqally elegant and large!


Welcome to Project Blinkenlights | Project Blinkenlights

When you write code in any computer language, there are common constructs that alter the flow of control,…. Das machine ist nicht fer gerfingerpoken und mittengraben.

I first saw this on a scintillator in my high school chem lab incopied it the author was anonymousand passed it on to my father.

This term derives from the last word of the famous blackletter -Gothic sign in mangled mock German that once graced many computer rooms in the English-speaking world. That was a very good investment: This was known as volatile memory as there were no means onboard to store memory at that time.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was blinkenlghts trace of what memory locations were being accessed at any given time.

Blinkenlights – Wikipedia

May 19, at 1: Anything in the top part of the picture meant that the OS was executing code. I copied it down in my note pad and shared it often. June 3, at 4: