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Subtract the year you found in “Step 1” and “Step 2” from the awr1-w1 year. I’ve never done anything like this before, and even don’t understand the different types of capacitors. In Octobera multi CD changer was released for the wave music system. This information is for the Generation 1 Bose wave Radio, the other radios have different circuit boards.

How to Tell the Age of a Bose AWR1-1W System

aawr1-1w The system acts as a computer’s sound card, therefore it disables the PC’s speakers. Video of the Day. Just remember the caps on the display are a certain awr-11w and you will want to match that.

Previous topic Next topic. Would you be kind enough to share with me the types of capacitors I’ll need? The Acoustic Wave Music System II was judged to be expensive and lacking in performance and features compared to its competitors.

One of the downsides is that the radio is always drawing 30W of power when plugged in, awr11w if it has been turned OFF. I would really like to see someone do an actual analysis of one of these and see exactly what it can and cannot do. Then one by one they remove the speakers which were never hooked up to anything and when the speakers are all gone, the only thing left is a table with something on it covered by a black cloth. His articles have appeared on a variety of websites.

May Sun 24, 7: I was planning to order the caps from Digikey unless you know of a better source. At awr1-1d time of its discontinuation, the Acoustic Wave Music System II featured a year-old dated design, as well as a lack boose features offered by its smaller siblings.


The board can be removed just by releasing a couple of small black tabs. Look in the User’s Manual that came with your Bose AWRW to the first few pages, which contain disclaimer information and copyright information about your product. Page 1 of 1. I’ve never seen such a polarizing radio in my life. awr1-11w

The high temperature rated caps and the higher voltages will result in the capacitors lasting longer. I listen to classical at night, and 70’s during the day.

This one showed no sign of leakage and I didn’t smell any fishy odor while working on it. I usually have the volume set to 41 or 42, loud enough for me to hear but not the wife. I also have the same ar1-1w Bose that’s buzzing and want to recap the hose. They lose brightness with continued use, not unlike that of an eye tube. Feb Wed 17, 2: Decent performing tabletop aar1-1w, somewhat over-hyped on its abilities though The Bose Wave Radio has been around since the early ’90s with almost the same design.

Furthermore, its high purchase price was a contributing factor bsoe its limited success. I did work with a guy who sold them, he worked at a Bose store. May Sat 23, 1: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I mark the tops of the caps to make it easier to tell which ones I replace.

Bose Wave System

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Then to prove that the sound is coming from the radio they unplug it. The board is different and uses different caps so Blse thought I’d share my list- Main board- 3- 2. I was very careful and only broke one trace, but I did mess up about 4 pads and had to do some “fancy” soldering. Although bass is represented, I do hear all the other instruments in the orchestra.


When used to fill the room with sound, they do a pretty decent job. Once that is done begin replacing the electrolytic capacitors. Also I would recommend starting a new thread, it will be less confusing to people who will want to help.

This system vose a dual tapered waveguide and revised drivers.

Bose Wave System – Wikipedia

Either way you will be replacing the caps at some point, and if I remember correctly bad caps are the primary reason for that chip to fail. About the Author Stephen Lilley is a freelance writer awe1-1w hopes to one day make a career writing for film and television. The display automatically dims when there is low light like during the night so it isn’t a bright light.

May Sat 23, 5: In the pictures above you will see some discoloration on the main board, that is capacitor juice from the electrolytics. Just because you have two Bose AWRW systems side-by-side doesn’t necessarily mean they were produced in the same year.

But, is there a way to determine if the buzz is coming from the IC and not the caps? Shortly before that, the five-disc CD changer bosd discontinued. In a bose wave radio looking from the front the left speaker is the left channel and the woofer, the right speaker is the right awr-1w and the “twiddler”, although there is not much separation, if awr1-1ww sit in front of one close enough you can hear the separation.

After recapping the radio works great again, maybe good for another 20 years.

I will be swapping the one by my bed for this one since this one does not make a POP sound when the alarm goes off, or the radio un-mutes. Problem is, I don’t know enough to say which types of capacitors to order.