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A short Anzia Yezierska biography describes Anzia Yezierska’s life, times, and work. Also explains the historical and literary context that influenced Bread Givers . Bread Givers has ratings and reviews. BlackOxford said: Male LiberationA gem in so many dimensions: King Lear with an extra daughter, a proto. Anzia Yezierska, Bread Givers (New York, ). Chapter 1: Hester Street. I had just begun to peel the potatoes for dinner when my oldest sister Bessie came in.

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Bread Givers

Thanks to those misleading bodies of givwrs What I liked best is the English of the people in the book is how I remember my grandmother speaking.

Later that year she married Arnold Levitas, but the two quarreled often over money and housework. May Learn how and when to remove this yezierzka message.

Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska

However, it is not that way for Sara Smolinsky. This chapter helped me to appreciate the significance of the book and why it is being considered as a classic book of Amerian literature. In anger, the rent collector slams the Torah shut, causing the book to fall at her feet.

No food was on the table. One look at her, and I knew she had not yet found work. However, as the story goes deeper, the more foolishly miserable the story becomes until I come to the point that it might be a disappointing story after all.

She’d broken free of poverty and patriarchy! Not like Father with his eyes on the past, but a dreamer who had found his work among us of the East Side.

Now say it again,” he commanded. The collector lady from the landlord! And so, since men were the only people who counted with God, Father not only had the best room giverss himself, for his study and prayers, but also the best eating of the house. Yexierska can express our disappointment in human ignorance through literature. It is certainly readable and compelling- as many historical books are.


One world was trying to compete with another, and not always successfully, as culture clashes were abundant.

You think millions of educated old maids like you could change the world one inch? Make a sentence with the word ‘sing.

Bread Givers – Wikipedia

A plate of pennies like a beggar’s hand reaching out of our bunch of rags. With a dusty and a small room to live in, working in the morning, and studying to be a teacher at night, life is exhausting.

I givera her Sara’s givfrs of conviction to continue with her studies in the face of hunger, isolation, and discouragement. There was one in this school who was what I had dreamed a teacher to be — the principal, Mr.

You’ll see yet how all America will come to my feet to learn. I eat out my heart, running from pushcart to pushcart, only to bargain down a penny on five pounds, and you cut away my flesh like a murderer.

While much progress has been made since the inception of Women’s Lib, we still have further to go and many women continue to suffer in patriarchal societies.

Some women didn’t even stop to pick out the herring, but let me wrap it up for them in the newspaper, without even a look if it was squashed or not. Young Women, College Students. Each of her sisters, by contrast, becomes trapped by marriage even the one who marries richand all of them, including Sara, have forever to deal with the terrifying power that their tyrannical, ultra-pious father holds over them.

I was proud that she rebelled against her dad and never gave up on finding a future for herself without needing a man’s help. Mother sent me to Muhmenkeh, the herring woman on the corner, for the loan of a feather bed. And new-ironed tablecloths and napkins every time they ate on them. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. If you want to FEEL how a protagonist feels in a story, then this is a story for you.


When Mother begged only to take along her pot for gefulte fish, and the two feather beds that were handed down to her from her grandmother for her wedding presents, Father wouldn’t let her. Sara will not give in to the strictures of her tyrannical Orthodox father and goes out on her own, almost unheard of in those years. He turns to what he knows best, religion.

Give only a look what ‘Blood-and-iron’ has done. As soon as she woke hivers, she begged her husband to pray to God to take back the gold he had given them. His interactions, decisions and doctrine influence his daughters, Fania, Bessie, Bread Givers, by Anzia Yezierska is a compelling book, not only in its vivid descriptions of life in New York City during the ss, but also in its look into an Orthodox Jewish family, and its standards.

After attending elementary scho Date of Birth: Holding all her anger in as she watches each one of her sister fall into the traps of their father, Sara plans to make a stop. Hester Street I had just begun yezkerska peel the potatoes for dinner when my oldest sister Bessie came in, her eyes far away and very tired.

I really loved it. I danced into our kitchen. But you have to have money for it.