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Souad. · Rating details · 8, ratings · reviews. When Souad was seventeen she fell in love. One morning while Souad was washing the family’s clothes, he crept up on her, poured petrol over her and set When Bruciata viva. Quemada Viva (El Primer Testimoniode Una Victima De Un Crimen De Honor). Suad is the author of Bruciata viva ( avg rating, 10 ratings, 1 review) and Dokument suad sozhzhennaya alive documentary novel Dokument Suad Sozhzhen. Bruciata Viva – Suad Bonometti Sara Soluzione? Nessuna. Cambia solo il carnefice. è il , ci troviamo in Cisgiordania Dall’inizio dell’

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Paperbackpages. Souad did not always know of the events she recounts. It’s a miracle that she survived the burning, despite the horrors that ensued, because the job wasn’t and isn’t done yet. And we have studied a lot about these communities. I also do not believe it has anything to do with religion as much as cultures. The modesty idea is taken to the extreme; women must work, work, euad, work, work! The childhood was horrible, the burning was unthinkable, the collusion to finalize the act by both family and community boggles the mind, and the psychological effects continue to dog her.

Horribly burned over seventy percent of her body and still denounced by her family, Souad was able to receive the care she needed only after the intervention of a European aid worker. Sometimes that is not possible, but I wish that she could do this. Not sute if it is a true memoir of the said author or a fiction work based on some culture and tradition.

We also know that children that watch their moms beaten, tend to be abusers so the men usad areas like this also have no hope of change at this time.


To see what your friends thought of skad book, please sign up. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. And “halouf” isn’t even a word. But unfortunately, the older sister must get married first. View all 23 comments. Still, I was surprised to know that in Palestine we still have something horrifying like this in the 60s. View all 5 comments.

Kok terkesan mudah sekali?. Common characteristics are the wide range of ‘rules’ by which females must abide to avoid being killedfamily agreement to commit the act, and attempts to make the killing look accidental.

Despite that revelation, I will maintain my score because I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Dorothy Amazon has it new and used. Souad hears of a possible arranged marriage vivz a neighbour and after spying on him, finds him attractive enough to start contact with.

Having sex before marriage is the most dishonourable taboo. Like you know, picking a green tomato or giving birth to a girl.

Culture is culture, traditions are traditions.

So heart-wrenching, so tear-worthy, with a realistic view on a the life of dear Souad, who only wanted to be loved more than anything in the world. Jul 27, okyrhoe rated it did not like it Shelves: Some Arabic words vva pronounced correctly. A staggering number of women and girls are killed each year, by members vviva their own families, in a practice collectively referred to as honor killing.

Open Preview See a Problem? Women duad the Middle East like in Palestine–and quite a few cultures in Africa– are considered less than a second class citizen. So, well, this book is not for the weak-hearted. She was duped and this piece of filth then disappeared on hearing she was pregnant, leaving her to that terrible fate.

Bruciataa been seeing reviews that this book is apparently not a real memoir. I feel differently after reading a lot of other reviews and sadly came to the conclusion that perhaps this is not true.


Bruciata viva. Vittima della legge degli uomini |

Education is imperative to changing things like this. I am relieved to say that, as a twelve year old, I took so much away from this book; politics, the corruption usad some families, and the lives that are looked down upon so fiercely.

If it wasn’t I would give it a star and less if I could for using a situation like this to make money. I can not say that all Aravic countries had treated women the same way it was described in this book. Apr 19, Jean Sasson rated it did not like it.

Kok bisa ada budaya yang sekeji itu. It was a major punishment for me to read the whole book, and was just hoping that bruciqta will finish as soon as possible. People could still come and kill her, in defense of the family’s honor. Miraculously, Souad survived rescued by the women of her village, who put out the flames and took her to a local hospital. That’s how she fell in love with the neighbour who broke nruciata wedding promise after he got her pregnant. Burned Alive is the story of a year old girl who calls herself Souad, uneducated, beaten and victim of honor killing, from one of the villages in the West Bank region.

Burned Alive

bruiata First, I’d like to say that I’m from the Middle-East. They can beat you, hurt you, kill you and no one will say a word. You can read the essay here: This was a shocking story of the cruelty that families inflict on daughters that dare to disobey them and their traditions.