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Location Enumclaw, WA Architect Hybrid Architecture Construction Hybrid Assembly SF Fabricated in and delivered to Enumclaw, Washington, the Studio is the project that. Home Design: Container homes HyBrid Seattle. HYBRID SEATTLE C STUDIO. CLIVE WILKINSON PALOTTA HEADQUARTERS. THE SELECTION OF THE BEST REPRESENTATIVES OF CONTAINER. bathroom with glass doors across from kitchen. shipping container house “the nomad” was designed last year for sunset magazine by seattle-based hybrid.

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Led by renowned designer Joel Egan, we have created functional space for a variety of uses for municipalities, homeowners and developers for over 14 years. With code wtudio, it houses people per acre or 22 c Bunkhouses. The context is fantastic. In such regions, ISC homes are a viable affordable housing concept.

Shipping container home?

The balance of the sales price is due upon factory completion of your Cargotecture unit. They typically take 4 days to build from bare dirt to locked and secured and the contractor driving away. Mobile Medical Triage Unit.

Schematic Design, Plans and Permits Your Cargotecture home is factory permitted, but typically local permits are required for land use review, foundation design, and utilities. I am a do-it-yourself builder and would like to use your construction documents. In my area, a turn key metal building, fully erected, on a slab with insulation and walk in doors runs about 12 bucks a square foot.


CGHJul 22, These issues are often surmountable, so long as the regional cost ratio remains favorable. Please contact us to discuss our models, plans, and options. This is a backyard home office in the Fremont District of Portland, Oregon. Sunset Magazine, a lifestyle magazine focusing on the Western US, featured a c Nomad as their Idea House, the first and only shipping container home to win that award.

c Studio – HyBrid Architecture

Stucio do think, however, that containers would be perfect for a warmer climate. Depending on its designated function it was either a single unit accomadation or 2 or 3 bolted together to make an office or a mess They can be nice.

Cargotecture recommends that our potential customers begin the investigative process with the relevant municipal zoning and planning departments before truly contemplating a purchase. Disused containers can be sustainably recycled into real estate, eliminating waste. In places such as the Pacific Northwest, Silicon Valley, and the Northeast, prices are high and zoning is tight, so new construction is both rare and expensive.

Then the home will be shipped to your site, and you will have key in the door within a week. Pricing is available upon request.

c900 Bunkhouse

Can you recommend a type of paint that doesn’t require a lot of prep, preferably just shoot it on? Rendering available upon request. Natural gas or propane appliances, water heater and furnace.

Please see the options tab of this website for specifics. The building hosts school groups learning about environmental responsibility.


Dismiss Notice Subscriptions are finally here! Made a great retail venue. The building can be placed in cold, moderate and hot climates. Can you help me build my own? Nov 27, Oddometer: Intermodal Shipping Container design marries environmental sustainability with cutting-edge design sensibility. Our homes are shipped complete, including plumbing if your model has a kitchen or bath. It can be customized for many different portable or permanent restroom requirements. Groupings of such homes could represent a very viable rental investment.

The building houses two square foot apartments over a double-height commercial space, and the standing stairwell tower is constructed from an uprighted cargo container.

Jun 6, Oddometer: Just recently had a guy come into our jurisdiction who wants to do a multi-family affordable housing project with containers.

Megan’s Meadows – HyBrid Architecture

A Cargotecture home or office is sustainable, smart, modern, and durable enough to last several generations – not to mention just plain COOL! This two-story Cargotecture retreat is on an cc320 outside Seattle. Decks are available in a 12 x 20 size, with customization additional. Oil Spill Central, Gulf Coast.

Joel founded Cargotecture inand practices in Seattle, Washington.