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Booktopia has La Princesa de Hielo by Camilla Lackberg. Buy a discounted Paperback of La Princesa de Hielo online from Australia’s leading online bookstore.

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Chapters 1, 2 and 3. However, she always pointed out that no matter how soon you figure it out, the story still needed to be captivating.

It reads like a romance novel masquerading as a mystery. In the middle of a heavy, serious conversation with Perlina, her mind wanders off into the looks of the woman. After pages I skimmed the rest of the book to just get the mystery solved. The police officer seemed way too focused on his looks to spot anything in the case, same with the main female protagonist.

Nobody took pictures of Alexandra’s bedroom or home the crime scene until two kckberg go by. All the participants in camill earlier murder conveniently keep little bookmarks inscribed with the initials of their childhood “gang” name in plain sight for the author and detective to find.

Writing more about it would be simply add to the time lost in reading it. Lckbrrg with This Book. The detective is credited as being very clever for finding the impression of a note that’s been torn off a pad yeah, good going, Hilo. I figured it out, but the story was so darn captivating that I had to keep watching.

Carmen Montes Cano Translator. I like the odd one when I’m not in the mood for literary fiction, and because it’s novel, I usually enjoy it. She hasn’ Really lackluster mystery offering. I can be picky with books, but I rarely ever truly hate a book. Turns out not all Scandanavian crime fiction is fantastic. Lckbery a survivor, I have so many issues with childhood abuse portrayal in books, and this book has hit a new low.

That is insulting to the reader and I have no idea why this book was an international bestseller. I did want to see some vengeance executed on the brother-in-law but I figured he was only going to get more noxious and he would get worse before better.


I prepared myself to be scared and freaked out by pincesa descriptions of horror that humans inflict on each other.

Everyone speaks like they are a sociopath, the victim is a ‘manic pixie dream girl’, and the chauvinism is just not necessary. Want to Read saving…. The author conveniently finds a will crumpled up in the evil family’s trash can what, shredders haven’t made it to Sweden yet?

They are either too skinny or too fat.

La princesa de hielo

The love story fell flat. Great bodice-ripping prose lckgerg, Batman. This would have been moderately believable if Erica displayed any level of intelligence. I kept mentally correcting the sentences I read, I want to give up on this book so badly, but I feel guilty about stopping halfway through.


A bottle of wine each, he had four servings of dinner, and they made love Having finished the Larsson, Nesbo, Mankell, Fossum, and The Adler-Olsen series, I was looking for another Nordic series to read. Prjncesa 17 – la Principessa di ghiaccio. Just deal with it. On top of all the bad characterizations and dopey plotting, bad writing abounds.

La princesa de hielo (Patrik Hedström, #1) by Camilla Läckberg (1 star ratings)

I found the writing to be terrible and I don’t think it’s a translation error, Murray is a well respected translater of Swedish. Love Nordic mysteries but this was a total boring mess. I kept mentally correcting the sentences Princeesa read, trying to make them more exciting than they presently were there was a lot to work with.

He ignores then uses old friends.

Sure, the words were different, but the story never grew. The adopted one sets fires and commits fratricide before the age of No real reflection on what has happened to these people, but then what did I expect, after all, there is no character development in this book whatsoever, so surely reflection is just too much to ask. It is the first book that I couldn’t focus on because I kept wondering if the author ever had a real fe This book promised to be a gruesome murder mystery which is not my genre but it was the book club pick for this month so I decided to give it a shot.


Too many dropped threads to count. The premise of the story is that the heroine, Erika, would set out to write a book about this event and somehow this would set the scene for everyone to divulge decades-old secrets to her and allow her to discover important plot points critical to the investigation.

Chapters 1, 2 canilla 3 21 26 Oct 25, A 10 year old gets pregnant and the parents covered in shame haul acmilla off to have the child? A mighty bald statement, no agogs from this reader. I do not recommend this to anyone who likes reading stories that actually make sense.

The focus on looks was ridiculous – ugly villains and beautiful heroes complete with clear blue eyes and fair skin. Rule 5 Patrik is not a nice person. Erica, the main character is assaulted by her bro-in-law and that’s a shrug?

Her blurb claims that she is the “most profitable” author in Sweden whatever that means – I took this to mean that she publishes her lc,berg very cheaply and prices them high so that the profit margin per book is high.

What a piece of shit. I love some really terrible books and I am not ashamed of it and neither should you. I could forgive it if she did this once but she uses this device repeatedly. I can’t believe this was written by a woman! View all 40 comments. In this story nothing was compelling.