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Once upon a past Millie had been a ghost for years. But now, restored by the magic of Xanth, she was again a maddeningly desirable woman. She. In Castle Roogna, Dor travels back in time and learns about the history of Castle Roogna and of Xanth. Contents[show] Plot While his parents are away on a trip. for the book, see Castle Roogna (book) Castle Roogna was originally built by King Roogna sometime between year and After the fall of King Gromden.

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Had her character been better written, I would have appreciated her more.

To grant Millie her desire, and to prove his right to rule Xanth in the future, young Magician Dor embarked on a quest for the elixir which would restore Jonathan to full life. Perhaps Xanth’s background could involve the first navigators of the world to reach Greenland? On to the 4th installment!

Millie the Ghost was annoying in her role of parody damsel roogja distress. Piers Anthony, sometimes called Pier Xanthony, is the pseudonym of a Mundane character who was born in England incame to America inwas naturalized inand moved to Xanth in Castle Roogna is third in the Xanth series, and actually a better book than its predecessor The Source of Magic but not up to the standard of the initial Xanth debut A Spell for Chameleon. Paperbackpages.

Castle Roogna

I do not approve of the mentions or interjections of sex, especially from the 11 year-old-character’s narrative, but I did love how Dor and Irene were brought together at the end. With Grundy in tow, Dor runs afoul of some bigger and older boys, and gets into an argument with Irenethe daughter of King Trent and Quene Iris. I found it to be quite enjoyable. I really enjoyed the time travel aspect of this book, seeing how Xanth developed in earlier times.


Castle Roogna – Wikipedia

Millie’s actions – cutely kicking her shapely legs, tossing her hair and screaming when in danger – were very annoying. If you want heavy serious fantasy go else where, but a fun read and this may be it.

Like cadtle Xanth stories the puns were ever present and always entertaining. On his quest he encounters many thing that are not in his time such as a wool plant a sheep which is a plant which is extinct.

Dor, Bink and Chameleon’s child, is twelve years old, with a Magician level talent that makes others uncomfortable. They make me smile and laugh, especially when I’m re-reading and finally get a pun that I didn’t understand before.

As an example, I was highlighting particularly sexist sentences and I came across this little gem context: What’s the Name o But he has to go back fastle time to do it, to a peril-haunted, ancient Xanth, where danger lurks at every turn While his parents are away on a trip to Mundaniaa young 12 year old Dor leaves his house when Zombie Master Jonathan the zombie comes to visit Milliethe Ghost, the former ghost who servers as Dor’s governess.

I haven’t finished this book. Fantasy Fiction Thriller Humor Fiction. Dor’s first conversation with the restored Jonathan would have made for an interesting read.

Along the way, he meets King Roogna, his nemesis Magician Murphy, and roigna host of other people and creatures, including a giant jumping spider named Jumper. And I don’t know how that explains the modern vernacular and modern idioms used as well as the puns in the writing style.


Overall, I did enjoy the book and would read it again. Despite their searching, Millie can not be found, but with Dor’s magic, they are able to learn that Vadne was involved. This article cqstle a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. I forced my way through the first three and that’s as far as I’m willing to go.

I’m leaving the five star rating for old time’s sake; but in honesty, I can only give it three stars as an adult However to do so he would need her body and nobody knows where Millie’s body is. Anyone who appreciaters humor. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and will always go back to reading it along with all the rest of the Xanth novels. Some of the original characters are only mentioned and some are part of the story, but this is really about the next generation of Xanth castlr.

Oct 01, Angel rated it it was amazing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Xanth yearas of Five Portraits is The imagination, witty puns and hilarious characters are exactly what I look for in fantasy. But it’s light entertainment, and I’m not reading rroogna to obtain my sense of morality. Millie had been a ghost for years.