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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia is the third Nintendo DS game in the Castlevania series. Players take on the role of Shanoa, a member of the Order of Ecclesia. Beating the game for the first time will unlock new modes. A bat will appear next to your save file which you can select to start a new game. Everything carries. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia walkthrough part 2. mode, and I’d also like to see a decent guide for the Large Cavern and Training Hall.

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You can try it if you want castevania see for yourself. Ascia will be of great use here since it can easily hit those mermans. Defeat enemies along the way, specially those annoying sea stingers and mermans. Head to the lighthouse when ready.

You should find yourself in another vertical passage.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for DS – GameFAQs

Open up your menu and select the Glyphs option. Continue to the right a bit until you encounter a necromancer.

Enter from the upper left part of the map then jump across the large crevace to reach the other side. A save room is huide in the top left room.

Use Volaticus to fly to the opening in the middle and loot the four chests inside. Start by jumping on the platform to the right. The wall at the end can be destroy. Obtain the Inire Pecunia in Tristis Pass in the statue.


In the following area, stick to the rigth while going up to find a gguide, Laura inside the small room. Confodere glyph Vol Culter 3×2 16 A double knife glyph Red Smasher in Dracula’s Castle.

BradyGames Order of Ecclesia Official Strategy Guide

Once you’ve reached the top, jump to the stone alcoves or spaces on either side and up to the elevator. In the area where you see a group of Bone Pillars, you can find another secret spot which is the edge of the floor separates the Bone Pillars at the bottom. Fly up to reach the rooftop with four chests and four bugbears. Make your way to the upper right corner orddr the room, heal yourself and use the save point.

Table of Contents

Albus will also charge his shot in cawtlevania form of a summoned glyph; to counter this, you’ll need to absorb the glyph as he is casting it. Take the path to the left to reach the next room. You can pick a level cap of either 1 or Lance Helm 9 Minutes: Position Shanoa in the small platform on the left side and and throw some axes while crouching. If you are aggressive enough, you can just dash to the other side using Magnes and attack.

Once you’ve reached the vertical passageway, attack the ledge across the second small platform to the right. If you have a lot of healing items with you, then it may be just fair to endure the damage and keep attacking instead.


WALKTHROUGH – Guide for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Repeat the same move. Vol Ascia does well in dealing powerful, mid-range damage to the boss.

Go to the opposite side can find the Fortis Fio glyph in the statue. Jump to the bottom defeat the enemy and loot the chest. Also still haven’t found the gold ring x2 yet. Yes this helps alot, this is quite an advance tactic here.

From there, go up and then right to the Mechanical Tower. Boss Rush Mode – Beat the game with good ending. Obtain by destroying all the spikes in the Dark Room of Mystery Manor Since it raises Luck based on your playtime, so keep your NDS overnight or something to make your playtime longer.

Check the left room at the middle of the cliff, and there’s a shiny wall leads to a Devil Ring, activate Paries glyph to pass the wall. Hit the edge to obtain a Black Drops.