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– /Applications/CBT Nuggets Active Directory with R2 Updates/ 02 Introduction to Active Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) with R2 updates Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory training course overview. .. A CBT Nuggets Learner is defined as a single user license and the single user license. I know a lot of the management side of AD, but nothing about set-up or initial Although I dont know if they have updated the videos for R2.

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I took to test yesterday dierctory failed it pretty bad. I am not sure why Microsoft decided suddenly to revert – perhaps in response to this thread. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

thekarengins.com – /Applications/CBT Nuggets 70-640 Active Directory with R2 Updates/

Pluralsight — Windows Kernel Debugging Fundamentals. Thanks for the confirmation, Dave.

Keep the description up to date! Tuesday, September 7, 6: The message being conveyed in this forum is that new, R2-specific topics have been added to the exam, none of which are listed in the official objectives. Wednesday, November 16, 3: Thanks for this Ben. I have ordered the 2nd edition of an MS book covering the latest changes and will pour over that. After completing a class that focused on Windows Server Network Infrastructure configuration and Active Directory Configuration I think the basic requirement is: Thursday, August 25, 4: That leaves us using study materials and guides and test environments to fill out our knowledge of what is required to pass the test.


Changing the exam to include new questions on R2 and not advising candidates of this change, and then saying essentially “you should know this stuff” doesn’t cut it. Remember that Microsoft Learning reserves the right to update an exam at any time for any reason so this text appears onscreen before you start any exam: The whole exam is EUR and Prometric and the local comapny gets some money of it The process of creating and maintaining quality certification exams is fascinating and if you are interested I would encourage you to read this to part article Microsoft’s Resident Psychometrician: I also got hold of a variant of braindumps and after practically memorizing over q’s to make sure I had my knowledge base correct, all the MS stuff is new.

You, my friend, are mistaken. If you have a Microsoft Academy voucher like you still get the old 40Q exam. But now lets go into detail – even that it is hard without numbers that microsoft has Tuesday, February 8, 3: The instructor was good, the deal was bad.

Cbt nuggets r2 download

Computer Science Recommended skills: Yes, the exam has been updated to include R2 content. Good luck to anyone taking it soon! Red Hat 6 is out: Charles mentioned braindumps, but to be clear – that is not my intention.


If you feel confident in yourself and your studying skills, you can use the current training book and the PDF. I am getting this clarified.

So if people run around and tell everyone, that they was prepared badly, then it could be hard. Now someone got some information like “Yes, we changed it. I have to agree with Hensel. This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below.

I advise anyone with an exam complaint to use the official Exam Challenge form, download from the URL below. From a book standpoint, there really isn’t anything that’s been updated as of yet.

First one to throw me was directaccess specifically a Windows 7 R2 thing!

People, trying to book-learn this in a 3 month course no more makes you eligible to pass, than standing next to a tree makes you a forest.