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CCNP SWITCH 6 – BitRadius. Instructor Lab Manual Book everyone. Download file Free Book PDF Ccnp Switch Instructor Lab Manual at. CCNP: Implementing Secure Converged Wide-area Networks v – Lab Copyright © Ensure that the switch is set up so that both the router and host are in the same. VLAN. .. Figure Internet Explorer Security Alert Prompt. ccnp switch instructor lab pdf. CCNP SWITCH Instructor Lab Manual. This document is exclusive property of Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Configuration files – wordpress ccnp tshoot instructr manual configuration files the onl Ccnp switch 6 – bitradius ccnp switch 6.

Configure these trunks according to the diagram.

Cisco Networking Academy, CCNP SWITCH Lab Manual, 2nd Edition | Pearson

On the lab diagram provided below, indicate which switch is the root and the STP port role and state for the switch ports. Change DLS1 to be the primary root switch. The switchport trunk encapsulation [isl dot1q] command is used because this switch also supports ISL encapsulation.

Enter the management interface information. Use the show interfaces description command to verify the interface status and description assigned. Enter Country Code enter ‘help’ for a list of countries [US]: The spanning-tree portfast trunk interface-level command can be useful if a trunk is being connected to a router or a switcch.

Boot Sector Filesystem bs installed, fsid: However, hosts on ports in this type of private VLAN can communicate with hosts on other ports within the community.

CCNP SWITCH Lab Manual, 2nd Edition

To begin modifying the MST configuration, type the global configuration command spanning-tree mst configuration. Configure ALS1 trunking to the Gateway router. If you do not set the mode of the ports to trunk, they will negotiate the operational mode according to their default DTP settings.


Base ethernet MAC Address: The priority number of a VLAN can be between 0 and in increments of Complete the following table with the appropriate verification methods and mitigation approaches for the attack types specified in the left column.

Identify the root bridge, root forwarding ports, designated forwarding ports, and alternate blocking ports. Configure the network so that the temporary staff host cannot access the rest of the staff VLAN, yet still be able to use the default gateway of the staff subnet to connect to the 66.0 of the network and the ISP.

Issue the show spanning-tree root command on ALS1. Because this configuration istructor not intended for normal operation, remove it using the no spanning-tree guard root command. All the VLANs that are not being used and, therefore, do not need to be trunked, are pruned. Unknown Current operational state: In this lab you prepare a Catalyst or switch for use with a lab.

Configure the switch port for the management switcy. Prepare the switches and routers for the lab. Configure the trunks and EtherChannels. Information obtained through CDP is used to determine when an IP phone is attached to the access port. Your output may differ, based on the root bridge selected in your topology.

If all 60 have their default setting, the higher interface number of the two ports will block. Lab 3- 1 Assembling Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tools.

Ports are identified as trusted or untrusted. Configure basic switch parameters. Issue the show interfaces trunk command on DLS2. Pearson offers special pricing when you package manuxl text with other student resources. The Cisco Networking Academy curriculum consists of three experience- oriented courses that employ industry- relevant instructional approaches to prepare students for professional- level jobs: Functionality for the VLAN environment lav been significantly expanded.


While researching these threats, you learn about other potential threats to Layer 2 switches that might not be malicious but could threaten network stability.

This is because all VLANs manuak running spanning tree with the default behavior. Display default spanning tree information for all switches.

Use the show interfaces trunk command on DLS2. Also, the directly- connected network Another way of creating VLANs is to create them in configuration mode without assigning port membership.

This configuration is accomplished by using the Cisco auto QoS features offered on these switches. Configure PortFast on an access port. Issue insttructor show spanning-tree command to verify which port is blocking on DLS2. Remember me on this computer. ALS1 show etherchannel 1 summary Flags: The other switches in the VTP domain can be configured as clients. The following output is for a switch. FOC Power supply serial number: Remember that 0 is the default inshructor number.

The authentication portion of AAA requires a user to be identified before being allowed access to the network. Now that both the startup configuration and the VLANs have been erased, you are ready to start a new lab.