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5 days ago Folded tourist map of South Zagoria, Chernarus. Displays topography, marked tourist trails, useful points of interest and significant landmarks. DonĀ“t miss a very special limited offer: a collection of authentic printed double- sided maps for Arma 2. These maps will guide you through your combat. iZurvive is a DayZ map. It has loot and offers the possibility to share your position with other places!.

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Roads are a bit misaligned. I mean, i would like that the online maps cherharus not work only as a map, but as a planification table for factions, groups or squads. But otherwise, its great! I’ve only found military clothing though. Perhaps, but then you’d have to either log in every time or have the website save itself– but then you run into the issue of people who have different computers, phones, etc.

Any plans to share anything on github? I’m not even sure if that’s feasible because of how many there are, but they’re pretty tiny. Wouldn’t require any user management, can be done with just cookies. This subreddit is for the purpose of discussing the DayZ standalone game as well as the mod for Arma 2. Most of the time spent went into figuring on the changes between ArmA and DayZ when extracting data.

Very enjoyable to use. I have a method now that enables me to update the map in minutes when needed It’s honestly useless right now. Some cities are not sorted into their correct size atm though EDIT Put an ID for the little river. All the older ones basically freeze up my browser so your doing a great job. I appreciate to have an updated version with the latest map!


So features related to that purpose diary, notes, missions, makers, planificated routes, the possibility doing some free drawing on them in real time No worries man as I’ve said the main map runs smoothly.

Tourist Map

Balota is also becoming a civilian airstrip with some military tents in 0. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Please use the report function, or message the moderation teamto report any posts or comments which break the guidelines or do not belong in this community.

I’ve been using older map sites for city names and have to say that yours cherarus only up to date but it’s snappy.

Interactive Online Map for Experimental : dayz

Suggestions include not making it too complex with a lot of stuff. Distance measuring tool top left under zoom buttons Added: My only suggestion is to make the icons a bit bigger at larger zoom levels.

Any idea when you’ll have the locations noted? Really nice, how difficult would it be to get a topographical map. Log in or sign up in seconds. P Not using chernxrus sort of cookies right now though. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands chernzrus communities. Zabolotye is east of west evac, across the valley from the castle.

I will never put any ads chrrnarus it, ruins everything. What happened to the NE airfield? Note how the old map is specifically under the “Mod” menu at the time while the new SA map is under the “Map” menu.


There are still some missing core features I’d like to implement asap, like searching and browsing loot tables. Keep it up dude! This subreddit is for the purpose of discussing the DayZ standalone game as well as the mod for Arma 2.

iZurvive DayZ & ARMA Map: Chernarus Mod

Note the lack of loot at this time. It’s garbage and you know it.

I can’t use it. Submit a new link.

Updated maptiles to latest dayz version and also made them a bit brighter. Keep it up with the great work! But I know who you really are. Would hate to see it ruined by banner advertisements – when it inevitably comes to it, consider an initial popover or something that doesn’t compromise the simplicity and cleanliness of it. Only icons on it are the water pumps. I just think it’s better to start simple and then add on, vs having so many things on your screen at once making it lag a bit until you click all of them off.

Some roads are not complete due to bridges not making it onto the road network. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

I’m not sure if they are added or not, I’ll look into chernaruz them if they’re missing or atleast making them their own color: If not, that’s why it isn’t visible. I will no longer keep this thread up-to-date with changes, take a look here instead: