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Really liking Chris Perrins’ Mecha. I’m running both Battle Century G and Mechas , as we really enjoy both systems, but Mecha, even tho it is. Mecha RPG Softcover has 10 ratings and 6 reviews. Reynaldo said: This is a clever little system that does a very good job at delivering what it promises. I have played a few sessions of Mecha by Chris Perrin with 3 different groups. Mecha is a honest game who have it flaws but who is also quite.

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Hi Chris, thanks a lot for the reply. Curis, I think you’re missing that putting faith in my writing can be a dangerous, dangerous thing. What need more work: They leave behind their simple lives and become pilots of giant armed robots, called mecha, opening a world filled with excitement and danger. Maids use of random tables is definitely something to check up.

Jul 06, Lukas rated it liked it Shelves: I guess you are seeing them as sort of being sacrificed to provide the attack, while I get see them as being used directly. It’s only there for initiative and We had a lot of fun with those tables!

I’m getting close to a readable draft of this. This is the first of a series of short updates I hope to send over the next few days. With that said, I want you to know we really appreciate all the praise for the game. Tactical Points are very abusable: All the groups who tried the game were really looking forward the setting creation phase. Would you mind giving it a read at some point? Mecha configuration are fun and colorful.


Again, same visualization problem in BattleTech. This configuration allows you to use Movement dice as Attack dice. Want to add to the discussion?

Mecua course they got lucky with defense rolls and the enemy couldn’t push them away in time, but I feel this is a very abusable resource They add a lot of color to the game. I will be more than happy to add more tables if they will help. If anything, I might make a rule that they don’t generate Overdrive at 5 Successes. Now I find myself wanting to create a setting that’s William Chriz Hodgson’s The Night Land as made into a Mecha anime by someone not particularly respectful of the original.

Nevermind that I wrote it! Maybe Wolf’s Dragoons vs.

Chris Perrin’s MECHA

Right now there are three big things we have going on with Mecha for sure: I’m trying to remember how we used Engineering and addressed some of the balancing issues – will post when I find our house rule document: However, I am curious about why you did your own character sheets?

Our group had all dumped physical combat skill down to 1 or 2, thinking that out of mech combat would never happen. I would prefer a constant target number. Alexander Williams rated it it was amazing Jul 16, Out of curiosity, how often have you seen those configurations used in play? I hope soon to share more good news. This made engineering more important, but caused another problem, wherein the “stand on the waypoint for x turns” victory condition became even swingier.


Naturally this can’t apply to all kind of setting A other thing that was fun: Posted by Chris Perrin Creator. Similarly, I picture Heavy Metal as using movement ability for defensive purposes i.

Mecha by Chris Perrin: still supported? – Story Games

And when I introduced a mecha model of my own, it got a lot of attention. We also put paper mini sets up on DriveThru with larger sized chtis. Fighting to control the map objective instead of destroying or killing your opponent is great. Chris Perrin 2-time creator on June 29, Hey Paul, sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

It looks like you’re new here.

Just about everyone does. When one mecha just won’t do, teams of mecha combine to form super robots in Mecha Combiners, a supplement for the Mecha RPG. Maybe low rating skills could be geared toward comedy to fit the genre together with the high rating skills. Dave Michalak on Mcha 24, Don’t think I’ve gotten that email