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With this SAP FI-CIN (Country India Version for Finance module) customization ( IMG) document, each step is displayed clearly on the. SAP CIN Configuration Document is very useful for all SAP CIN consultant and or who are having aspiration to be CIN consultant. SAP System Configuration Guide Country Version IndiaSAP System Configuration Guide Country Version India Change Information No. 1.

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Configurattion have the option to enter the receipt quantity as well as the challan quantity at the time of RG23D receipt. Are opening and closing balances of reghister available for me for reporting?

So they need to be recomputed dynamically. Since there is no account determination need for J2IU there is no transaction type. Email required Address dico made public. Based on the excise status and the chapter-id the rates are maintained. When I do a receipt at the depot from my factory how do I give the excise invoice number? Can I round the duty at the header level?

The business area in the billing document is automatically taken for the excise invoice.

Finally check whether the extraction has been done for the period. Excise related configuration is known as CIN configuration. To prevent data inconsistency in the third party application CIN does not allow you to re download the register data once it has already been downloaded.

How can I include more text ids for the excise invoice? What will happen when I cancel a RG23D selection for sales already made? Legally you can take credit for all the receipts and then pay the duty when it goes out after repair or to another customer.


The main areas are as follows: Once this is done you can go back to the depot and capture this extra payment into your RG23D. First the system will check if there is an exceptional rate available.


I am not able to save the excise invoice text? CIN uses R3 condition technique for pricing along with the pricing formulae.

You need to define as many condition types as the number of tax classification fields. Can I post the fort nightly utilization for individual excise invoices? Which error you are getting?? You can re-extract the data if you have added more transaction data for the given period. You are commenting using your Aap. How do I map the tax classification to form types? Why there is no transaction type for J2IU?

CIN Configuration – ERP Operations – SCN Wiki

Template pricing procedures are provided for various sales scenarios. These invoices do not generate an accounting document. Can I change the tax rates retrospectively? You can list all the billing documents for which excise invoice is not created. If it is not available there then it looks at the plant specific material master data and picks up if available.

How do I handle the returns at depot? Should I receive the full quantity at depot or transit loss is allowed? When the final price is decided at the time of the order you need to pay the balance of the duty. A Country Version is designed specifically to cater the business operations of that country over and above the generic SAP system functionalities.

You can post the fortnightly utilization for individual invoices also. Is it possible to cancel an excise invoice with zero duty? When I try to create RG1 issues entry the line turns red and nothing happens? Also based on the tax concessions available you need to decide the various tax rates, which need to be mapped. Can I change the posting date at the time of fort nightly utilization? Can I decide not to generate folio numbers at the time of RG23D creation?


The number of tax codes will directly depend on how you want to account the sales tax. CIN comes with default customization to open up the tax classification fields. I am using another package for printing registers. But if you have already done the posting then the RG23D record is marked cancelled and the balance in the original invoice is inflated by an equivalent amount. Permalink Jul 02, WelcomeGuest Login Register.

So it is mandatory that whether you use EWPO or not you should have maintained the account determination for all transaction tyes for a given excise group. Finally you need to maintain the delivery type for the order type. If the same chapter-id is applicable for the material in all the plants then you need not maintain the chapter-ids for all the plants.

What do I do if I have one chapter-id for incoming and another for outgoing and material code is the same?

No you cannot reverse the posting doen with fortnightly utilization. How do I maintain the opening balances for my register for the first time?

The system will first check in the Form type maintenance whether the form is marked as required.