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Communio et progressio: full text, concordances and frequency lists. pastoral instruction for social communication “Communio et Progressio” officially dated The first draft of “Communio et Progressio” was proposed by the Jesuit. Our world is fast progressing especially in the field of science and technology. As we all know, the Catholic Church is the guardian and.

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He studied classics at the University of Naples, where he also eventually received a doctorate in philosophy.

Paul Angerer topic Paul Angerer 16 May — 26 July [1] was an Austrian violist, conductor, composer and radio presenter. It is necessary to organize religious broadcasts that are commuino suited to the needs of fellow Christians who suffer this sort of deprivation.

So more and more they have to seek out competent men for comments, background briefing and discussion.

It also requires that citizens exercise responsibility and self-control both as communicators and as recipients. It will therefore be the task of Bishops and their conferences and, equally, of the Synods of the Eastern Churches, to consult experts and their diocesan, national and international councils. In the final analysis, however, where freedom of speech and communication exists, it is largely up to advertisers themselves to ensure ethically responsible practices in their profession.

They have to gather up different views and compare them and transmit them so that people can understand and make a proper decision. The Church sees these media as “gifts of God” 1 which, in accordance with His providential design, unite men in brotherhood and so help them to cooperate with His plan for their salvation.

Advertising also has an indirect but powerful impact on society through its influence on media. In this way, the pupil is not only led to knowledge but learns to express himself by using the media.

They will furnish the documentary material, the advice and the pastoral assistance that professional communicators may require. Pyper Oxford Comunio Press,pp. The deeper progrdssio based on the teaching and spirit of this Council will now guide Christians in their attitudes to the media and will make them the more eager to commit themselves in this field. In order to make the teaching of Christianity more interesting and effective the media should be used as much as possible.


The tittle of the letter of this pastoral instruction is the main and chief aims of the social communication, Communio et Progressio which means unity and advancement. It is composed of 24 points, with the aim of addressing the concerns and problems of social communication. It will strengthen cooperation and fellow feeling between communicators and that will be to the benefit of the whole community.

Therefore it is right that, in the light of these principles, freedom of communication and the right to be informed be established in law and guarded from excessive economic, political and ideological pressures that might weaken them. They must make this contribution with the social teaching of the Church in mind. There is an “imperative requirement” that advertising “respect the human person, his rightduty to make a responsible choice, his interior freedom; all these goods would be violated if man’s lower inclinations were to be exploited, or his capacity to reflect and decide compromised”.

And those forms of advertising which, without shame, exploit the sexual instincts simply to make money or which seek to penetrate into the subconscious recesses of the mind in a way that threatens the freedom of the individual, those forms of advertising must be shunned.

Catholic organizations for the cinema will collaborate with their counterparts in the other media in endeavours to plan, produce, distribute and exhibit films imbued with religious principles.

Communio et Progressio

Considerable financial resources are required if Catholics are to meet their different commitments to further human progress in the light of the Gospel both by making their proper contribution to social communication and by using these God-given methods themselves. The process of promoting – in what is sometimes referred to as a “propaganda campaign”- with a view to influencing public opinion is justified only when it serves the truth and its objectives and methods accord with the dignity of man and when it promotes causes that are in the public interest.


The good of the country and the interests of international cooperation must both be given due consideration. Competition also obliges them to do this and speed is often won at the price of accuracy. As stated above the purpose of writing and publishing this pastoral instruction is to give general pastoral guidelines and to set basic doctrinal principles regarding these technological advancements in communication and entertainment.

The Christian can then apply these deepened convictions to his daily life.

Communio et Progressio | Revolvy

Good sense and judgement are therefore called for when a work is destined for a large audience with different backgrounds. They should do this because it will satisfy the different interests and concerns of readers and because it contributes to the formation of public opinion in the Church and the world.

Young people can, without doubt, influence one another for the better when it comes to culture. Generosity and idealism are admirable qualities in young people, so are their frankness and sincerity. So, young people will be true citizens of that age of rpogressio communication which has already begun.

This economic dependency of media and the power it confers upon advertisers carries with it serious responsibilities for both. Much advertising directed at children apparently tries to exploit their credulity and suggestibility, in the hope that they will put pressure on their parents to buy products of no real benefit to them. Indeed without this knowledge an effective apostolate is impossible in a society which is increasingly conditioned by the media.

He is best known, however, for his role in El Pensamiento Navarro; communko his guidance in the late s the daily was instrumental in Socialist takeover of Carlist structures. These media play their part in eliminating illiteracy and in providing both basic and further education.