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Companies House Christmas and New Year opening times. Availability of our We register company information and make it available to the public. Companies 7 December ; Guidance Read our policy on Social media use. Find out . Information on the range of digital services we offer to help you search or file company File company information; WebFiling; PROtected Online Filing ( PROOF) Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. .. in our Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Customer Guide (PDF, KB, 9 pages). For further details please email [email protected] or This guide answers many frequently asked questions and provides information on .. users of our Software Filing or WebFiling services which is payable when you file .

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From the ‘Sign in’ screen select the ‘Forgotten your password? On the shareholders screen select ‘Remove shareholder ‘ next to the individual’s name. Account Templates are not available for display. The information is then taken off the internet and passed to the bank on a private link.

Companies House – Sign in

Find out more about how we support users with accessibility needs. Directors must prepare and file documents required under the Companies Actincluding the annual accounts and annual returns. The ‘ Register of Secretaries ‘ is maintained by the company and contains the details on each secretary person and corporate such as name and service address similar to the information provided to Companies House.

Applications received between 3pm and 5pm will processed the next working day at the London office, but any received after 5pm will be forwarded with all other mail to the Cardiff office for processing. You can also file documents at each officeincorporate a new company, as well get advice directly from the Companies House staff. To add details of a new currency and share class select the ‘Add new currency and share class’ button and complete the mandatory details.

When you have entered your company name, address, and share capital; you will be asked to enter the details of your first subscriber as part of the ‘Subscribers’ section. This consent is provided by a confirmation statement that the member, who’s status is being changed, has agreed to this change.

An authorising name must be provided as all appointments require a ‘Consent to Act’, including the appointment of a corporate body.


More in-depth information on annual accounts is included within the guidance booklet ‘ Life of a Company — Part 1 Annual Requirements — GP2 ‘ available on the Companies House website. The address does not have to be a residential address, but if a residential address is provided within the address fields of the service address section, it will appear on the public record. More information about extractives industries. Yes, initially you will receive a different code for each company, but you can then change the codes so that they are all the same.

Free access to the data is available both through a web service and application program interface APIenabling both consumers and technology providers to access real time updates on companies. The registration of a company name does not mean the name or part of it might not infringe other laws e.

However, you can have more than one class and currency for the same subscriber, but you will need to complete a separate ‘Subscriber Details’ screen for each one. Any further confirmation statement made within the same payment year will be free of charge. The only restrictions that prevent anyone becoming a director are: For an individual to be granted a disclosure exemption, a separate application must be made under Section of the Companies Act Complete all of the required fields and select ‘Submit’.

This proves that your incorporation has been submitted successfully; but you will then need to wait for the email confirming it has been accepted – see below.

For England and Wales companies, the address provided can either be in England or Wales. The incorporation information will be saved for 30 days. However, we cannot advise you about the content of your company’s articles, or whether a company is the best vehicle for your business.

The joint filing service is a product on HMRC Online Services website as it offers the ability to file tax information e. In addition, the company number, place of registration and registered office address must appear on its business letters and order forms including those sent by email and on its websites. Where a director is a corporate entity a company or firmthese are usually referred to as ‘Corporate Director’. The Web Incorporation Service is to be used to submit incorporation applications only.

This form must be submitted to the Companies House. Yes, but this is limited to voting and dividend rights for the simplest case of a ingoandguide company limited by shares using the model articles provided in the Companies Model Articles Regulations Apostille services get faster. All company names will be converted to capital letters and some symbols are not infoandyuide in the name.


The director’s residential address is held in the ‘ Register of Directors Residential Addresses’. The eReminder for annual accounts will be sent approximately 42 days prior to the document’s due date.

About our services

Find out about our commitment to publishing in Welsh. What is the Memorandum of Association? There are separate lists and contact details depending on the type of ukk or expression and infoandvuide list headings and links are provided below. If you already have your authentication code then simply enter your company number where asked. Depending on the value entered for paid, the unpaid value will be the remaining amount. To add details of a new share class select the ‘Add new share class to this currency’ button on the ‘Statement of Capital’ summary screen.

Appointment forms filed electronically include a section where the company must confirm that the person being appointed has agreed to act as an officer. The data can be viewed in PDF and the software is available webfilinhuserguide the Adobe website. You only have to change your Accounting Reference Date if you are preparing accounts to a different date than the one you already have. You can choose to pay by variable direct debit.

Provided the accounts haven’t been accepted, a company can reverse the decision if they have been filed on paper or electronically i.

Payments made by account will only be taken when the incorporation is accepted.

All directors must be at least 16 years of age. Our Personal information charter explains how we treat your personal information. This will add the new share class to the currency and will display in the updated ‘Statement of Capital’ summary screen. Other Who are Small Firms Services?

How to use Companies House electronic filing – Webfiling

You can watch our video on how to find company information with captions on YouTube 1m 13s. They could be directors, secretaries, company staff or 3rd-party agents acting on behalf of the company. When you have entered your company name and address, you will be asked to enter the details of your first director as part of the ‘Officers’ section.